Презентация по английскому языку на тему Путешествие (5-6 классы)

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Modern life is impossible without travelling. Thousands of people travel every day either on bussines or for pleasure. They can travel by air, by train, by sea or by car, on foot and by hitch-hiking. Travelling by air Nowadays people mostly travel by air. It combines both comfort and speed and you will reach the place of destination very quickly. No doubt, travelling by air is the most convenient and comfortable means of travelling. But if you are airsick the flight may seem not so nice to you. Unfortunately sometimes the flights are delayed because of unfavourable weather conditions. Travelling by train Most people prefer travelling by train, as it is cheaper and more convenient. Travelling by train is slower than by plain, but i has its advantages. You can see much more interesting places of the country you are travelling through. Modern trains have very comfortable seats. There are also sleeping cars and dining cars, which make even the longest journey enjoyable. Travelling by sea Some people prefer traveling by sea which is very exciting. If the weather is fine, you can relax on the large sun deck and enjoy the panoramic view of the sea. Modern ships are usually very comfortable: they offer air-conditioned cabins, a large dining area and even a swimming pool. But of course, if you are sea-sick, traveling by ship is not a good idea. Travelling by car A lot of people travel by car because it’s rather convenient. They don’t have to buy tickets and to carry heavy luggage. They can stop wherever they wish and spend as much time as they like at any place. However, this way of traveling is not as comfortable and quick as travelling by plane or by train. Travelling on foot It's the ultimate slow travel, taking your time to get from one place to the next, as close to the ground and the people as you possibly can. Hitch-hiking Hitch-hiking is a great way to travel that allows you to really get to know the locals. Many people prefer hitching to other forms of transport because if you can get dropped off anywhere, allowing you to discover places you may never have dreamed of visiting. What attracts people to travel is hard to find out and even after asking a dozen of people it is unknown. There are four kinds of traveler: the real traveler, the weekend visitors ,the plan makers for a couple of days to visit most spots and those who want to go to their dream destination. As for the reason of traveling it is the nature, sometimes the Historical places and again the most visited popular spots or just to have peace of mind and improve health. Historical Architecture Towers, castles and other glamorous buildings attract a lot of admirers. Nearly 200 million people have seen the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Statue of Liberty, in New York City, also courts millions of people every year. People might travel in such places to famous examples of architecture like these to feel a part of history. A photograph near celebrated structure can carry special weight. Festivals and Events Travelers enjoy heading to prestigious or longstanding festivals and events. For example, Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany attracts 6 million people annually over its period of 16 days. The Festival of San Fermin is also known for attracting quite a crowd. Events such as these give people the opportunity to celebrate a special holiday once a year. Nature This type of tourism is defined as environmentally moral travel to natural areas that protects and improves the wellness of the location and its native residents. Shopping Cities connected with fashion are also a point of attractiveness for tourists. It is always a great experience to visit new shops and buy clothes and souvenirs. Why do people want to explore the world? It gives them a better perspective about the earth and the people living on it. It opens their minds, it gives them a feeling of accomplishment, and it makes them feel alive. It gives them satisfaction and fulfillment. It allows them to discover the unknown and see with the own eyes the beauty of Nature and learn about the glories of past and great achievements. So save some money, get your passport ready, and see the world. It will change your life forever. The end.

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