Презентация по английскому языку по теме Мой кумир 11 класс

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MIYAVI BiographyReal name: Ishihara TakamasaAge: 30Date of birth: September 14, 1981Place of birth: Japan, Osaka Profession: the singer, model, actor, composerStyle of music: rock, visual kei Miyavi was born September 14, 1981 in Osaka. His mother - a Japanese woman, a father - Korean blood, and they divorced when Miyavi was a kid. Later, the mother will move Miyavi closer to relatives on the maternal side. By the way, says he Miyavi, he's pretty diligently studied. In his youth, Miyavi seriously loved football, and dreamed of a career, although at that time Japan had such command has ever had. At age 15 he received a leg injury, and that was the turning point in his life. Frankly bored with his friends, he decided to learn to play guitar, to somehow fill their spare time, formed after the failure of the sport. Soon he saw himself on stage with guitar in hand and realized that he wanted to become a professional musician. The reasons for my interest in it:I love rock music and Miyavi it is one the brightest of its representativesI am attracted by his talent, charisma, and other personal qualitiesHe is my role model Important datesApril 1999, began singing career with the group Dué le Quartz 2002, disintegration of the group, beginning a solo career Originally Dué le Quartz, formed Sakit and Ken, consisted of four people. But later that same Ken left the band, and his righteous cause to the masses «visual kei» Miyavi took the (then Miyabi). It's no secret that with the advent of Miyavi almost all the work on writing music and lyrics had fallen on him. But in 2002 the band announced their break up, played a farewell concert Last Live, and musicians dispersed in all directions. Miyavi to stress the importance of all that gave him the group's name tattooed on his wrist and went on a solo voyage, and, moreover, changed his name to Miyavi. 2005, release of first album Miyavizm2007, first appearance with the group S.K.I.N Soon to join Miyavi team of talented young people, consisting of a bassist, drummer, tap dancers, beat-boxer, DJ and artist.At the same time receive an invitation from Miyavi Yoshiki and Gackt to join their supergroup SKIN as a second guitarist (Sugizo was the first). Naturally, such an offer hard to refuse, and in 2007 they make their first live performance at Anime Expo 2008, marriage on The Japanese model Melody IshikawaJuly 29, 2009 birth of her first daughter LovelieOctober 21, 2010 birth of her second daughter Jewelie Sources of informationhttp://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miyavihttp://miyavizm.nethttp://www.google.ru/ This work was made by Purbeeva Nudlyathe teacher: Lidzhieva G.A. Thank you for your attention!

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