Контрольная работа 3 класс

Test 3-rd form
1. Read, choose, match.
1758315139065What’s ( this / these) ? a. Yes, she has.
What does (it /they) look like? b. No, I don’t.
What’s ( you / your) favourite colour? c. It’s a kite.
( Has / Have ) she got long hair? d. No, it isn’t. It’s small.
( Are / Is ) it big? e. It’s green.
( Does / Do ) you like fish? f. It’s got a tail and big ears.
2. Cross the odd word out.
184404063501844040635000yellow / orange / twenty / purple
bored / happy / tired / body
dancer / mum / sister / brother
Poland / China / Tuesday / Greece
Clarinet / pencil / guitar / violin
head / cook / dance / dive
3. Read. Then complete.
ago now tomorrow yesterday today
It’s Tuesday (0) today. (1) ___________________ is Wednesday. (2)______________________ was Monday.
Sunday was two days (3)__________________. (4)___________________ it’s one o’clock. It’s lunch time!
4. Complete the dialogue.
Alex Hi!
You (0) Hello!
Alex I’m Alex. What’s your name?
You (1)__________________________________________________________
Alex Nice to meet you. How old are you?
You (2)__________________________________________________________
Alex Where do you live?
You (3)__________________________________________________________
Alex What’s your phone number?
You (4)_________________________________________________________
Alex What’s your favourite colour?
You (5)_________________________________________________________
5 Read. Then write True or False.
My name’s Jane. It’s my favourite month – January! Today it’s windy and snowy. I like snowy days because I can play in the snow. I’m making a snowman! I’m wearing a coat and big boots. My cat is playing with me. She likes the snow too.
Jane’s favourite month is March. __________
It’s windy and snowy. __________
Jane doesn’t like snowy days. __________
She’s making a snowman. __________
She’s wearing boots. __________
Her dog is playing with her. __________

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