Упражнения на употребление времен Present/Past/Future Simple, Present Continuous и Present Perfect.

Present/Past/Future Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect
1. Sam just (to have) breakfast. He (not to have) it yesterday because he (to have) no time.
2. What you (to do) now? I (to write) a letter. I (to send) it tomorrow.3. They (to travel) every year but they (not to go) anywhere last year.
4. Look! The puppy (to sleep).5. Have you ever (to be) to London? Yes,
6. The weather (to be) terrible yesterday. I hope it (to be) better tomorrow. And What the weather (to be) today? It (to be) cloudy.7. We (not to have) the lesson yesterday because the teacher (to be) late.
8. My cousin (to do) morning exercises every day. You (to do) morning exercises? No,
9. Kate and her brother (not to go) to school by bus. Kate (to go) by taxi and Mike (to go) by tram.10. What you usually (to do) after school?
11. He (not to finish) his homework yet.
12. When Tom (to come) home yesterday? He (to come) at 9.13. Who (to watch) TV every day? I,
14. Children (to love) chocolate.
15. He (to build) this house many years ago.
16. Why Sam (to play) football now? He (to take) part in a football match in a day.Ask questions to the underline words
1. Betty went to the cinema with her best friend yesterday.
2. Sam usually gets bad marks because he is very lazy.
3. The boys are watching cartoons.
4. Mr. Smith will come here at 7 tomorrow.
5. Chris has just opened the window.

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