Лексико-грамматическая работа по английскому языку по теме : Путешествия (5 класс)

Lexical-grammar test to Unit 4.1. Put in the right words to complete the sentences.
1. People usually buy tickets in the _____. a) arrival b) booking-office c) fare
2. When you arrive in a country , you go through the _______ . a) customs b) check-in c) luggage
3. When a train goes without stops, it`s called a _____train. a) quick b)slow c) fast
4. I like to travel. I am a _____. a) doctor b) grocer c) traveller5. Where can I ___ the tickets? a) arrive b) book c) control
2. Write down 8 new words using the endings y, er.
Example: sun-sunny; drive-driver
Wind, rain, sing, bake, paint, travel, clean, snow.3. Find the odd word.
1. a) train b) ship c) car d) plane e) luggage
2. a) already b) never c) now d) ever e) just
3. a) to check in b) passport c) baker d) check-in e) fare
4. a) hotel b) double room c) bathroom d) TV set e) salesman
4. Choose the right form of the verb to complete the sentences.
1. He ___never _____ the violin but wants to do it very much. a) has/played b) have/played c) ___/plays
2. ____ you ____ to the picture gallery last week? a) do/go b) did/go c) have/gone
3. Where ____you last month? a) were b) did c) was
4. I ______ the magazine. You can take it. a) has read b) have read c) am reading
5. We _______ him yesterday. a) don’t see b) didn`t see c) haven`t seen
5. Find the sentence in the Present Perfect Tense.
a) I always visit my Granny on Saturdays. b) They are playing tennis now. e) The sun rises in the east.
c) I have bought the return ticket for Paris. d) The sky was blue.
6. Complete the verb chart.
1. строить2. drink 3. chose 4. fallen
5. покупать 6. grown
7. find
7. Match the beginnings of the sentences with their endings.
1. Mary is in bed because a) he goes in for sports.
2. Tom plays football very well because b) it is very interesting to see different countries.
3. I am fond of travelling because c) I want to visit it.
4. I have never been to America, but d) she has fallen ill.

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