Презентация на английском языке для 5-6 классов «Праздники в России»

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Calendar of holidays 1.New Year- January,12.Christmas-January,73.Fatherland Defender’s Day-February,234.Women’s Day –March,85.Maslenitsa 6.Easter7.May Day( Spring and Labor Day)-May,18.Victory Day-May,99.Russia Day-June,1210.Day of Knowledge-September,111.Mother’s Day-November, the last Sunday Russian holidays It is a tradition to give greeting cards on these holidays. Here you can see some of them. New Year New Year’s Day is celebrated on the 1st of January. People gather at midnight on New Year’s Eve to drink a toast to the coming year. They all hope that the coming year will bring luck to their families and friends .It is a tradition to decorate New Year’s tree with toys, colored lights and sweets. Each family prepare their holiday supper and lay the table. Five minutes before midnight people open a bottle of champagne and when they hear the chimes of the Kremlin Tower Clock at midnight, they drank a toast to the New Year. They wish “A Happy New Year” to one another and а real celebrating begins with a lot of good eating. Christmas In Russia Christmas is celebrated on January 7. On Christmas people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ .It is a religious holiday. This holiday have become the day of family reunion, relax and happiness. Fatherland Defender’s Day On 23 February, Russia honors those who are presently serving in the Armed Forces and those who have served in the past On this day all male citizens, from young boys to old men, receive congratulations and presents, and military men greet each other. Women’s Day It is celebrated on the 8th of March. The children give their mothers some presents, greeting cards or flowers. Each family have a nice party. Maslenitsa This holiday lasts for a week. Russian people celebrate it at the end of February or at the beginning of March. They say “goodbye” to winter in these days. During the “Maslenitsa week” they always cook pancakes. It is a tradition to cook pancakes and eat them with fish, sour cream, honey, sugar, butter.People prepare fires and burn straw scarecrows of winter Easter It is a religious holiday. Easter symbolizes the Revival Of Jesus Christ. So nowadays many people go to the church on this holiday and enjoy a joyful day with family. They greet each other with colored eggs and make an Easter cookie. People here eat cookie with cottage cheese and raisins. May Day (Spring and Labor Day) May Day is celebrated on the 1st of May. It originated in the USA in 1886 when the workers demanded an eight-hour working day. In fact, it is the international holiday of the working people . People used to go to demonstrations to show their solidarity with the working class all over the world. They sang patriotic songs and carried slogans and flags. But nowadays there are no demonstrations, and people can enjoy wonderful weather and have a time in a company of good friends. Victory Day One day unites all the nations and religious of Russia. It is May 9th or Victory Day. On June22nd,1941, the Soviet Union was attacked by Germany. The war against the invaders for freedom and independence was called Great Patriotic War. The agressor was defeated but the cost of the victory was too high. Over 27 million people of our country were killed during the war, both soldiers and civilians, the country was ruined. It was the greatest tragedy in the history of Russia. Victory Day is truly a holiday with tears in people’s eyes. Every year thousands of people go to the monuments to those who died in the war ant put flowers in their memory. The independence Day It is a holiday of national unity celebrated on June,12. On this day, in 1990, Russian Parliament formally declared its sovereignty. On the 12th of June 1992, the first President of Russia was elected. The holiday was officially established in 1994. on 1 February 2002 it was officially renamed to “Russia Day”. Day of Knowledge September,1 is the Day of Knowledge, the holiday of the beginning of a new academic year, first of all for the students and instructors of all educational levels. Traditionally on this day schools conduct celebrations, dedicated to the beginning of a new academic year. First-graders are being especially celebrated. Mother’s day It is celebrated on the last Sunday of November . Сhildren give thanks for the support, love and care. Children often make Mother’s Day gifts in school. They also buy greeting cards and make special dinner.

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