Контрольная работа Unit 4, 8 класс , учебник Афанасьева, Михеева (Новый курс английского языка)

Контрольная работа по разделу №4, 8 класс
Choose the right form and make the sentences complete
All, both, each
I don’t know what this girl look likes. We have never seen ________other.
Sue and Kate are friends. _________girls like Biology very much.
_________the guests are in the garden. We can begin celebrating.
_________pupil would like to get excellent marks.
Dan and Tom are fond of reading. They _______ like going to the library.
Among, between
She was sitting __________her friends and classmates and felt very happy.
__________you and me, I don’t think Ann is right.
A narrow path ran _____________the tall pines in the forest.
Jane sat in _____________her two sisters.
Who is there ____________the pupils?
What or how?
_______________a clever boy!
______________wonderful the weather is!
______________polluted the water in this pond is!
_______________a good answer!
___________funny the animals are!
Translate the sentences into English
Я увидел ромашку среди васильков.
Между нами говоря, я не люблю ходить в школу.
Узкая дорога проходила между высокими деревьями.
Та девочка стояла между своими двумя братьями.
Анна увидела высокую башню среди домов.
Complete the sentences
The more we think about each other ____________________
The kinder we are to each other________________________
The fewer mistakes you make______________________________
The more we learn _______________________________________
The less we read _________________________________________

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