Образец написания Report на английском языке

To : Marina ScripnikovaFrom : Maria MatafonovaSubject : School canteenDate : 12-th FebruaryIntrodaction :Dear Marina Nicolaevna, this report is to make you know how good our school canteen is.Food : As fas as I remember, there always has been a huge number of tasty dishes. So, you can always choose that one that you want.Service :Every student thinks that workers are the nicest people in the World. Every dish is cooked with love because of workers' kindnest. If you look for for a help they will be able to give you a helding hand.Prices :My classmates and I don't think that prices are big. That's why every student can buy everything he want and spend a lot of free tine in the canteen.Recommendations :Maybe it'll be better to add some ice-creams and different types of juice to the menu. All of us, especially small children, are fond of such as sweet food.All in all, I believe, that our canteen is really nice place with wonderful people work here. And none wants to leave it.

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