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If you want to be somebody, somebody really special, BE YOURSELF!!! Хочешь быть кем-то, кем-то действительно особенным – будь собой!!!
Ben StillerHe is a/an ... Renee ZellwegerShe is a/an …

Claudia SchifferSteven Spielberg

CelebritiesWalk of fame
Our goals:- to introduce new vocabulary;- to introduce new grammar rule “Comparative/Superlative forms” of adjectives/verbs;- to talk about famous people;- to describe people’s appearance and personality.

Make up true sentences about each person in the pictureUse the model:1) Claudia Schiffer is a beautiful model.2) Steven Spielberg is a successful film director.

Let’s have a restLook left,rightLook up, look downLook aroundLook at your nose Look at that rose Close your eyes Open, wink and smile Your eyes are happy again!
How do we form the comparative/superlative forms of adjectives/adverbs?He learns quicker than her.She is more intelligent than him.It’s the funniest film I have ever seen.Jude Law is the most attractive man in the world.

Complete the sentences and use a comparative form.This actor is not very tall. I thought he is ________taller___.This film isn’t very funny. I expected it to be ________funnier / more funny___.I think she is (talented) ____more talented__than that actress.It is so noisy here. (quite )Let’s go somewhere ______queiter______. This car is (fast) __faster_____ than that car.

Complete the sentences and use superlative form.This actor is very funny. He is the funniestactor in the world.This singer is very successful. She is the___ most successful __in America.It’s a very famous film director. He is the__ost famous __film director in Hollywood. She is a very rich woman. She is one of the ___ richest __women in the world.

We use (not) as + adjective + as - to show that two people or things are/are not equal.Frank is as clever as Jim. (They are both equally clever.)Anna is not as rich as Bill. (Anna hasn’t got as much money as Bill.)She can’t run as fast as Laura.

Ex 4 p. 67Compare, as in the example.1. snail/not/fast/rabbit/A snail is not as fast as a rabbit.2. CD/expensive/DVD/3. Jamie/not/funny/Mark4. Ben stiller/not/well-known/Tom Cruise

Compare things/ people using (not) as…as.Oksana FedorovaBeautifulClaudia SchifferLexusExpensiveLadaJim KerryFunnyBen stillerBritneyFamousMadonna 1. Oksana Fedorova is as beautiful as Claudia Schiffer.2. Lada is not as expensive as Lexus. 3. Jim Kerry is as funny as Ben Stiller.4. Britney is as famous as Madonna.

Ex. 5 p.67Use the adverbs to compare yourself to your friend and the rest of the class.- run fast- dance well- speak loudly- ride carefully

Famous Russian figure skaters most famous (T)younger than (T)most talented (T) more (T) younger (F)

HomeworkFind information about famous people from your country. Make your own quiz. Use one in Ex. 2 as a model. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTANTION !!!
Translate the sentencesSome people say she is one of the most beautiful ladies in the world.Он один из самых красивых актеров в кино.He’s one of ’s most successful athletes.Ты знаешь, о ком мы говорим!He’s one of ’s most talented opera singers.

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