A Working life. Part time jobs for teenagers in the UK and the USA

Checked up: Lesson № 30 Language: English
Date: 21.10.2016 Teacher’s name: Taubayeva AinagulClass: 10 «б» Number present: Absent:
The theme of the lesson: A Working life. Part time jobs for teenagers in the UK and the USA
Learning objectives that this lesson is contributing to: 1. To practice the new words and use them in own sentences .2. To develop reading, writing, speaking skills.
3. To bring up to lead your behavior.
The result: All learners will be able to read words correctly.
Most learners will be able to use grammar tenses in speaking and writing.
Some learners will be able to make a conversation, to answer the questions.
Previous learning: Grammar rules to read and write examples
Methods: Group work, single work, pair work, brainstorming, problem solving;

Planned times Planned activitiesResources, visual aidsStart
evocation Greeting. Presentation. To divide into groups
To divide into groups To check the homework
answering teacher’s questions Textbook
Realization of the meaning To give key words to the groups: to work,
a part time job, a full time job;
Each group must take a word expression and complete the sentences
To match the words with the pictures
1.D - public service, E - education, B - entertainment, G - health care, C - IT and media, H - legal, A - finance, F - management;
2.To offer to read the blog comments on page 26 on the st/book
Group A Abi hates working at Burger Barn
Group B Connor cycles and delivers newspapers Group C Tamanna works for free
3.Answer the questions QuestionsWhat part time job do you know?
What do you want to do in the future?
What are the best part time jobs in the place where you live?
What jobs do you think will exist in fifty years that don’t exist now?

End Telling about today’s lesson
Home task Students write on their diaries
“My future profession”
Ex. 13 (b) p. 23 Match the words with the definitions.
Doing in the written form cards

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