Итоговая диагностика по английскому языку 10 класс (базовый уровень)

Final Grammar Test 10
1. We ______ the project by the end of the month.
shall finish
are finishing
will have finished
will be finishing
2. I am here to say that we ______ next week. Everything is ready.
will leave
are leaving
will be leaving
will have left
3. This time tomorrow our family ______ on the beach of the Mediterranean sea.
will lie
is lying
will be lying
will have lain
4. I ______ him since we ______school.
haven't seen / left
didn't see / left
didn't see / have left
haven't seen / have left
5. I ______ home when somebody ______ my name.
went / was calling
was going / called
went / called
was going / was calling
6. My cousin …… his holidays with us next summer.
is spending
was spending
has spent
7. By this time next year, Jane …… Spanish for two years.is going to study
will be studying
will have been studying
will study
8. We _____ early every morning.
get up usually
usually get up
usually got up
are usually getting up
9. John is soaking wet because he …… in the rain.
has been walking
will be walking
had been walking
was walking
10. He ____ a film on TV when I arrived.
was watching
were watching
had been watching
11. When will you ___ come and see us in our new house?
be able to
have to
12. I ___ understand him because I don't speak French. So, we used body language to communicate with each other.
would have
13. Rachel …… be in hospital; I just talked to her and she said she was at home.
14. They ___ do their homework today because it is a holiday at the school.
must not
don't have
don't have to
had not to
15. Don’t walk on the grass!’ The man told us ________ walk on the grass.
not to
16. I was very tired when I arrived home. I ___________ hard all day.a) had been working
b) were workingc) have been working
d) worked17. Many accidents _________ by careless driving.
a) are caused
b) are being caused
c) were caused
d) were bring caused
18. She said she________ remember her name.
a) can`t
b) couldn`t
c) may not
d) has to
19. The room looks nice. It ____________.a) was cleaned
b) has been cleaned
c) had been cleaned
d) will be cleaned
20. He said that he _________ a lot of relatives in Spain.
a) hasb) hadc) is having
d) had had
21. Mushrooms _________ in autumn.
a) has been gathered
b) are gathered
c) had been gathered
d) are being gathered
22. She watched TV while dinner _________
a) is being prepared
b) was prepared
c) has been prepared
d) was being prepared
23. Many houses _________ during the Great Fire of London.
a) had been destroyed
b) are being destroyed
c) were destroyed
d) will be destroyed
24. She told me she ____________to America.
a) never was
b) had never been
c) will never be
d) would never be
25. She said she _____________help me because she had too much to do.
a) can’t
b) will be able
c) is to
d) couldn’t26. He gave all his money to me because he _________ me.
a) would trust
b) trusted
c) had trusted
d) trusts27. I didn’t know that you ________already the letter.
a) had received
b) received
c) would receive
d) receive28. We ... by a loud noise during the night.
woke up
are woken up
were woken up
were waking up
29. A new supermarket is going to ... next year.
be built
be building
30. There’s somebody walking behind us. I think ... .
we are following
we are being following
we are followed
we are being followed
31. ‘Where ...?’ ‘In London’.were you born
are you born
have you been born
did you born
32. After the volcanic eruption of 1957 the railway station ... .
destroyed completely
was completely destroyed
has been destroyed
has destroyed
33. Carol says she ___ Fred for years.
was known
has been knowing
has known
had known
34. Mom asked what time we ___ back the day before.
had come
have come
would come
35. The teacher ordered the pupils ___.
not to shout
to not shout
don’t shout
didn't shout
36. Chris said his parents ___ then.
were sleeping
has been sleeping
had been sleeping
37. My father asked ________ that film.
had I watched
if I had watched
did I watch
if I watched
38. He says, "They will hurt you".
He said to me that they will hurt me.
He said to me that he would be hurt me.
He said to me that they would hurt me.
He said to me that they would hurt you.
39. Mother said, "Where are you going?"
Mother said me where I am going.
Mother said to me where are you going.
Mother asked where I was going.
Mother asked me where I am going.
40. "Did you come from India"?, said Sara to boy.
Sara asked the boy if he had come from India.
Sara asked the boy if he come from India.
Sara asked the boy if he came from India.
Sara said the boy did he come from India.

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