Презентация к уроку Festive time. Spotlight модуль 5а

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The theme : Farmer – arm + stick +oven + a – rock – an =Toy + imagine – ago – y =

Festive timeВремя праздника

We are going to do: do exercises, read, learn new words, learn the differences between “make” and “do” ,

Our aim is to learn the new words, the differences between “make” and “do”, and information about some holidays. Our task is to do lexical exercises, using the new vocabulary. Our problem is to find a way of congratulating.

Phonetic exercise: Celebrations, celebrations!Need a lot of preparations,We all are busy,Phone calls we make,Do shopping, dusting, washing,And also bake a cake!

Fillword (12 words)bake, dance, wish, busy, excited, shopping,preparations, cake, festive, dusting, washing, tea

Exercises for our eyesLook at the ceiling, look at the floor,Look at the window, look at the door. Close your eyes. Roll your eyes clockwise (one, two, three)Roll your eyes anticlockwise (one, two, three) Open your eyes!

The differences between “make” and “do” To make means to produce something (изготавливать, производить) To do means to perform an action (выполнять действие)

Ex. 1 , page 46{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}to maketo do
Check your partner
Season’s greetings
Mother’s Day“Mother’s day” is celebrated on the last Sunday of November in Russia. The holiday started in 1998 to mark the role of the most important person in everyone’s life. The light-blue forget-me-not is the emblem of the “I love you, Mom” actions that take place in Russia. These delicate flowers remind us not to forget our mothers.

List of adjectivesopen - искреннийshy - скромный, creative - творческий, emotional - эмоциональныйclever- умныйbrave- смелыйkind- добрыйgood- хороший, energetic- энергичныйfriendly- дружелюбныйpolite- вежливыйmerry- радостный,

The results of the lesson: we’ve learnt: the new words, the differences between “make” and “do”, information about some holidays, We’ve done lexical and phonetic exercises,We’ve made a joint greeting card, We’ve made a lot of progress.

If the information of the lesson was clear for you show me red hearts. If you had some difficulties show me yellow faces.

That’s all for today, thank you, goodbye!

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