Урок английского языка на тему : If I were Millionaire

Lesson plan
Topic: «If I were Millionaire»
Сабақтың мақсаттары:
1. Білімділігі: Оқушыларды ауызекі тақырыпты, интербелсенді тақта мен түрлі жаттығуларды қолдана отырып , Шартты рай І, ІІ грамматикалық тақырыптарын бекіту.
2. Дамытушылығы: Оқушыларды мәтінді тыңдап түсіну , жаттығулар мен мәтіндерарқылы оқушылардың тілін дамыту, арнайы тапсырмалар арқылы логикалық ойлау және есте сақтау қабілеттерін дамыту
3. Тәрбиелілігі: Оқушыларды жауаптылыққа , өз бетінше ізденуге, іскерлікке, ұқыптылық пен жылдамдыққа тәрбиелеу, оқушылардың пәнге деген қызығушылықтарын арттыру.
Сабақ түрі: бекіту сабағы
Қолданылатын әдіс – тәсілдері: Интербелсенді тақта, слайдар,топтық тапсырмалар орындау, сұрақ – жауап , топтық жұмыс, .
Stages time
I.Organization 5 minutes
II. Revision the rules 3 minutes
III. Practice I.
a) IF - game 4 minutes
b) Reading 7 minutes
c) Speaking 5 minutes
d) Physical Exercises 2 minutes
e) Listening 8 minutes
f) Testing 5 minutes
g)Estimate 3 minutes
IV. Home task 1minute
V. Feedback 2 minutes
I. Ұйымдастыру кезеңі
Good morning, students,   and our guests. Sit down, please. Today our English lesson is a little unusual. We have some guests in our class. I’m  very glad to see you.
We’ ll work in groups today .
Please, take cards with the numbers.
Number one - the 1st group
Number 2 - the second group
Number 3 is the third group
Choose the leader of the group
There are parts of one picture.
You should match them with each other and show them to us
What can you say about the picture?
The first group is________ red rose
The 2nd Group is _________thistle
The third group is daffodil.
So, I think we are ready to start our lesson.
Who is on duty today?
Who is absent today?
What season is it? What is the weather like today?
Yes, It is cold today, If the weather is nice tomorrow, I’ll go to the country.
What about you? What will you do if the weather isn’t cold tomorrow?
Think of your own sentences, . Start with “if”. !
If the weather cold tomorrow….
If the weather isn’t cold tomorrow…If the weather nice tomorrow… Ask him please
Do it in turns
(Pupils give their own sentences)
ІІ. Мақсат қою кезеңі
Well, that’s enough. Today we are going to speak about…
By the way, it will be better if you tell me the grammar theme of our lesson. What are we going to speak about?
Pupils’ answers: Conditionals. The topic is…The theme of the lesson is connected with Conditionals and _____?
If I were millionaire
ІІІ. Бекіту кезеңі
А) That’s right. Let’s revise Conditionals.
-   What types of Conditionals do you know?
What do you know about first Conditional
- Conditional 1 is real, because it is used for real - or possible – situations in the present or future. 
Conditional 1  is formed by the use of the present simple in the if - clause and future simple in the main clause.
-  Conditional 2 is often called the "unreal" conditional because it is used for unreal оr impossible situations in the future. This conditional provides an imaginary result for a given situation.
Conditional 2 is formed by the use of the past simple in the if - clause and  would + infinitive in the main clause. 
Well, I see you know the rules and now let’s practice them together.
Start with the First Conditional.. Look at the board, please.
B) Let’s play If Game
If I go o to England
If I go to the USA
If I go to Astana
C) Reading
Just we’ll read the texts and should answer the questions using the conditionals.
The 1st group read the text “ Patty and her dreams” You should read the text and make up sentences in Conditioal I
1) Read the text
2)Answer the questions
1) What was Patty going to do in the village?
2) What were her dreams? ( 1ST Conditional )
3) Why were her dreams broken to pieces?
Patty and her dreams
Patty was walking along the road with a jug of milk on her head. She was going into the village to sell her milk. She thought
” If all ( to go) well, If the milk (to bring ) me a good price, I ( to buy) some eggs.
Then If I (to use) nice and careful tending , it ( not to be) hard to raise some chicken in my yard. Then I ( to buy ) a pig.
If I ( to feed) and keep it well until it is fat indeed, I ( to buy) a cow and a little calf. “ Oh, upon my word! I can see them into a herd!
And if I ( to sell) the herd I ( to buy) a little house in Spain!” . And She felt such a great joy that she jumped a little. The jug fell down and the milk, and the chickens all fell down on the road. And her dreams were broken into pieces.
The 2nd group The Farmer and the Apple tree ( Part –1 ) Conditional I
A)Read the text
Answer the questions
Who gave the farmer a fine young tree?
Was the farmer pleased with the gift?
Why doesn’t he know where to plant it? ( 1st Conditional)
A farmer and the apple tree ( 1st part)
A farmer once had a friend who was famous for the wonderful apple trees which he grew. One day this friend gave the farmer a fine young tree and told him to take it home and plant it. The farmer was pleased with the gift but when he got home he didn’t know where to plant it.
If he ( to plant) it near the road , strangers ( to steal ) the fruit.
If he ( to plant) it in one of his fields , his neighbours ( to come ) at night and ( to rob) him.
If he ( to plant ) it near the house , his own children ( to steal the apples) .
greedy- сараң, қызғаншақ bad man- жаман адамselfish – өзімшіл stupid- ақылсызThe 3rd group ( Choose the correct verb forms) Conditional II
The Farmer and the Apple tree ( Part – 2)
1)Read the text
2) Answer the questions
Where did he plan t the tree ? Why? ( 2nd the conditional)
What happened to the tree? Why did it die?
What do you think of farmer?
The Farmer and the Apple tree ( part – 2)
The farmer planted the tree deep in his woods where no one could see it. But naturally the tree could not grow without sunlight and proper soil. In time it withered and died.
Later his friend was criticizing him for planting the tree in such a bad place.
“ What’s the difference ?” - the farmer said, rather bitterly.
If I ( plant) it near the road, strangers ( steal) the fruit. If I ( plant) it in one my fields , my neighbours ( come) at night and ( rob) me. If I ( plant) it near my house , my own children ( steal) the apples.”
“ Indeed , but at least someone would enjoy the fruit , said the friend. “ Now by your greediness you have robbed everyone of the apples, you have destroyed a fine tree.
If he ( not to be ) a greedy man, the fine apple tree ( not die) .
greedy- сараң, қызғаншақ bad man- жаман адамselfish – өзімшіл stupid- ақылсыз Well done ! Thank you for your work.
In the second part of the text a farmer and the apple tree you have used Unreal conditional.
These texts are about greediness , richness , about wealth and about money.
What would you do if you were millionaire?
If I were millionaire I would visit London . Because, I want to see The White Tower. And you? What about you?
D) Сергіту сәті
E) Listening
F)Finally do this test Choose the correct answer.
Your time limit is 3 minutes
I variant
Choose the correct answer
1) If go abroad , I _____ a lot of money.
a) would spend
b) will spend
c)spend2)If I had a chance to study abroad, I ___ London
a) would choose
b) choosec) will choose
3) It will be quicker if you ___a computer.
a) will use
b) would use
c) use4) If I ____ his address , I would go round and see him.
a) knewb) would know
c) will know
5) Where ___ you ___ if you need to buy a picture?
a) did go
b) will go
c) is going
II variant
Choose the correct answer
1) I wouldn’t do it if I ___ you.
a) amb) werec) will be
2) She___ glad if he visits her.
a) will be
b) isc) was3) Your mother ___ worry if you phoned her.
a) wouldn’tb) worriedc) wasn’t
4) If I ____ much money, I would buy a car.
a)haveb) hadc) will have
5. If she comes home on time, we __ go to the party together.
a) will go
b) go
c) wentKeys
1)b 1)b2)a 2)a
3)c 3)a
4)a 4)b
5)b 5)a
G)Please, change your copybooks with each other and checkup.
The captains or leaders of the groups you should estimate your classmates.
Your marks for the lesson should give your leader…
Thank you for the lesson. I'm very pleased with your work.
IV. Үйге тапсырма
You should write a composition “ If I were a millionaire”
The lesson is over.
V. Қортындылау
1)I think the lesson was _______.( useful, not useful)
2) I worked ____ (very well, I could work better, slowly, bad)
4) I can use this grammar theme or can’t use
5)Tasks were ____ (very difficult, not difficult, easy, interesting , boring) for me.

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