Презентация по английскому языку на тему Рождество в Великобритании и России (5 класс)

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Открытый городской конкурс исследовательских проектов учащихся 5-8 классовРождество в Великобритании и РоссииАвтор: Пермитина Анна,МБОУ СОШ № 182, 5 классКонсультант проекта:Парфенова Ирина Викторовна, учитель английского языка In my project I would like to analyze these customs and learn more about its origin and features. The main difficulty includes differences in celebrating Christmas in Great Britain and Russia The relevance and difficulty of the project People celebrate it all over the world, but each country has its own traditions. Religious traditions and Russian Christmas traditions were forgotten during the Soviet Union and now they restore. to analyze the features of Christmas and define differences in celebrating Christmas in Great Britain and Russia. The aim of the project To study the history of Christmas; To analyze the features of Christmas; To compare the British and Russian Christmas traditions; To find out how my classmates are familiar with the festival Christmas. The main objectives of this work: The subject of this study is Christmas. The object is Christmas traditions and customs in Great Britain and Russia. Christmas in pagan times Christmas in Christianity. The main British traditions on Christmas The custom of gifts giving Christmas cake traditional Christmas carols Christmas customs and traditions. Its similarities and differences Celebration date, А church service Christmas dishes Great Britain Stuffed turkey or roast goose, pudding Great Britain People decorate houses, offices, shops, street lights and Christmas tree Traditional colour, gifts Great Britain Red and green Sweets, fruit and small presents in stockings over the fireplace or under the tree Russia none Gifts under the tree Conclusion We have learned that Christmas traditions in the UK and in Russia differ a lot. Despite all these differences, we can draw a conclusion that Christmas is still very important celebration of children and adults both in Great Britain and Russia. These facts helped us to know the British culture better and made the process of English learning more interesting. Finally, we have tried to make a quiz about Christmas topic and got to know that most of my classmates (60 %) know Christmas features and traditions not very well. Christmas quiz When is Christmas celebrated in Russia? 8 th March; 6 th December; 7 th January; What is another name for Santa Claus? White Beard; Father Christmas; Red Nose; What do people eat for a Christmas dessert in Great Britain? sweets; apples; pudding; What two words will you find on Christmas cards or presents? Merry Christmas Happy Christmas Holly Christmas What is traditional Christmas dessert in Russia? sweets; biscuits; pies In whose honour is Christmas celebrated?Birth of Jesus Christ;St. Nicolas;St. Valentine’s;What do people do with letters for Santa Claus?send by mail;throw into a fireplace ;give to a dove; How long do Christmastide last?from Christmas to 19 th January;from 8 th March to 9 th May;from Christmas to 25 th January;Which are the two traditional colours on Christmas? blue and greenred and greenred and whitуIn what town was Jesus born?NazarethRomeBethlehem Thank you for your attention!

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