Олимпиада по страноведению. Англоязычные страны

How much do you know about the United Kingdom?
Choose the correct answer for each question.
What is the national emblem of Ireland?
Clover b) Shamrock c) Leprechaun d) Blarney stone
What is the national flower of England?
Dahlia b) Daffodil c) Tulip d) Rose
What is the national flower of Wales?
Daffodil b) Rosemary c) Bluebell d) Tulip
What is the national emblem of Scotland?
Heather b) Rosemary c) Foxglove d) Thistle
Which of the following is the capital city of Britain?
a) Manchester b) Glasgow c) London d) Liverpool
6. Who is the current monarch?
a) King George b) Queen Elizabeth I
c) Queen Elizabeth II d) Queen Elizabeth III
7. Which of the following is a well-known British food?
Frog legs b) Chicken c) Pasta d) Fish &Chips
8. The highest point in the UK is…
Kinder Scout, England b) Snowdon, Wales
c) Ben Nevis, Scotland d) Helvellyn, England
Which of the following is not the patron saint of a UK country?
St. Harry b) St George c) St. Andrew d) St. David
How many countries are there in the United Kingdom?
4 b) 3 c) 1 d) 2
The White Cliffs of Dover are made of which rock?
Chalk b) Sandstone c) Granite d) Shale
Who is the current Prime Minister?
Tony Blair b) Tony Adams
c) John Frazer d) George Bush
13. This man is a symbol of British nation. His name is…
a) Uncle Sam b) John Bull
c) Winston Churchill d) Tony Blair
14. The capital of Northern Ireland is
a) Dublin b) Cardiff c) Belfast d) Blackpool
15. The national currency of the UK is
a) the euro b) the dollar c) the pound d) the rouble
16. The British flag is often called
a) the Union Jack b) the Stars & Stripes
c) the Maple Leafd) the Beaver
17. Ben Nevis is
a) a famous footballer b) a sort of juice
c) a mountain d) a sort of cheese
18. The mysterious Loch Ness Monster is from
a) Wales b) Ireland c) Scotland d) England
19. The Beatles started their career in
a) London b) Liverpool c) Birmingham d) Cardiff
20. The kilt is
a) a shirt b) a skirt
c) a pair of gloves d) a pair of trousers
21. The colour that represents Ireland is
Green b) red c) yellow d) white
22. Stonehenge is about ___ years old.
a) 40 b) 400 c) 4000 d) ten
23. The part of the UK which is not presented in the Union Jack is
a) England b) Scotland c) Wales d) Northern Ireland
24. Which is the Scotland’s largest city?
a) Dundee b) Inverness c) Glasgow d) Edinburgh
25. How many theatres are there in London?
a) 50-100 b) 100-150 c) over 200 d) 150-200
26. The flag of which country features a dragon?
a) England b) Scotland c) Wales d) Northern Ireland
27. When do children “trick or tricking”?
a) July 4th b) April 1st c) November 5thd) October 31st
28. Where in London is Poet’s Corner?
a) St. James’s Palace b) St. Paul’s Cathedral
c) Westminster Abbey d) Hyde Park
29. In which part of the UK is haggis traditionally eaten?
a) England b) Scotland c) Wales d) Northern Ireland
30. The Boat Race is rowed between which two universities?
a) Cambridge and Durham b) Durham and Bath
c) Oxford and Durham d) Oxford and Cambridge

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