Презентация по английскому языку Crime and community

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Crime and community How do you think what the module will be about? Crime and punishment Law and order Burglary and robbery Mugging and pickpocketing Shoplifting Speeding Arson and vandalism Let’s practice new words. Match the words with their meaningsBurglary Уличный грабежRobbery Воровство в магазинахShoplifting Кража со взломомSpeeding ОграблениеMugging ВандализмArson Превышение скоростиPickpocketing Уличный грабёжVandalism Поджог Over to you!Which of these crimes are the most serious?Which are the problems in your city?Have you heard or read about any of these crimesI think the most serious are……….because……….In my city there are problems with……….I have recently heard about………. In your opinion what can help criminals to commit cybercrimes? Can you list some positive and negative aspects of using the Internet? Can your computer be a victim of cybercrime? Do you know any illegal activities committed on the Internet? Name the pictures Name the pictures

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