Урок английского языка в 11 A job for life

Урок английского языка в 11-м классе по теме "A job for life"
Основные задачи урока
Актуализация лексических знаний учащихся в рамках изученной темы.
Развитие способности к распределению внимания, к догадке; к сравнению и сопоставлению (речевые единицы в родном и английском языках).
Развитие способности к логическому изложению содержания высказывания.
Учить делать выводы из услышанного.
Уметь планировать своё высказывание.
Воспитание толерантного отношения к мнению других учащихся, умение работать в группе.
Интерактивная доска.
Карточки с названием профессий.
Распечатка анкеты “What about the Future?”.
Ход урока
1. Greeting.
T: You are the 11th grade students. At the end of the school you must choose a job which helps you in you life. Now you should think about it. Your teachers, parents, friends advice you what kind of job you should choose. Today at our lesson we’ll try to discuss what the best way to have a job, what skills and abilities are needed to be successful in it. You’ll do some exercises, quiz. You’ll read the text about working teenagers in Britain.
The goal for our lesson is: “A job for life”.
2. Warm — up.
Unscramble the words; (Ss guess these words)• h,e,t,c,r,e,a \ - teacher \• t,o,c,d,r,o, \- doctor \
• n,g,e,s,r,e,I,d \- designer \• g,n,a,m,a,e,r \- manager \• s,r,n,e,u, \ - nurse \• c,u,r,t,c,a,t,a,o,e \- accouter \
T: There a lot of kinds of job. These are a bodyguard, a doctor, etc.Now I want that one of you will be a volunteer. He’ll choose any card with jobs. The students should guess what job has been mimed. Use yes/no questions for more information. Ss: Do you use a computer? Do you work outside?
Do you write at your work? etc.
3. Vocabulary
T: I want that you work in group. There you make mind map of prestigious professional areas and related jobs, then decide on the reasons for their popularity. - Why are these jobs so popular? (Рисунок1. A possible mind map )
T: There a lot of job requirements needs for success. Look and find Russian equivalents to the words and expressions in this chat. Work in pairs. Then compare their visions in groups and find the best translations.
Job requirements
A sharp mindAmbitionCreativityNumeracy and literacyArtistic abilityDedicationAdministrative skillsIndividualityInitiativeAbility to work to tight deadlinesPhysical strengthTeamwork skillsLeadershipAbility to work under pressureFlexibility
T. Classify the items to the categories: skills, abilities, qualities.
Ss complete the chart:
SkillsQualitiesAbilitiesNumeracy and literacyAdministrative skillsTeamwork skills A sharp mindAmbitionCreativityDedicationIndividualityInitiative|Physical strengthLeadershipFlexibility Artistic abilityAbility to work to tight deadlinesAbility to work under pressure
T: In group choose one of the jobs from your mind map: - say which skills and abilities are needed to be successful in it; - give reasons for your viewpoint; - explain why; - report the class.
T: What would you like to get from your job? \ Individual work\ - Write a list of your expectations in term off: • Satisfaction • Salary • Workload/ intensity • Leisure time • Additional benefits • Holiday Use the example for Ss answer: Ss: e.g. I’d like to be able to buy everything. I’d rather have flexibility working hours than stay in the office from 9 to 5.
I’d like to have a high salary.
6. Speaking
T: Think of the job you would like to choose and answer the questions:
What qualities do you have/lack?
What do you like/ dislike about these jobs?
Which job may suit your wish list and personal qualities?
T: It’s hard life being a teenager in Britain.
Nowadays most children work at least some of the time.
Some work in the summer holidays. Others do part – time jobs before and after school.
It is illegal for teenagers to work full – time while they are at school.
Teenagers can only leave school and start working full – time at the age of 15.
I’d like you to suggest a quiz. In Britain asked boys and girls aged 15 and 16 what they thought they would be doing in ten year’s time. Guess the result.
What about the future?
1.The percentage of girls who thought they would be married and not at work was:
a. noneb. 8%c. 30%d. 62%
2.The percentage of girls and boys who wanted to be teachers was:
a. noneb.14%c.27%d.59%
3. The most popular job for boys was:
a. sportsmenb. engineerc. computer programmerd. journalist
4. Job chosen by both girls and boys were:
a. chefb. bankerc. electriciand. fire-fighter
5. Jobs chosen only boys were:
a. journalistb. D.J.c. computer engineerd. car salesperson
6. Jobs chosen only by girls were:
a. dancerb. D.J.c. cartoonistd. doctor
\Answers: lb, 2b,3a, 4absd, 5cd, 6ab. \
8. Homework:
You’ll carry out a similar survey in you own class or school. Make a list of the questions you want to ask. Write a questionnaire and given it to all your friends.

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