EXIT TEST (7th forms)

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EXIT TEST (7th forms)
1. For questions A1-A15 choose the correct answer.
A1 He can’t drive if he doesn’t have a driving....... .
A licence B park C ride
A2 He has been living here ....... fifteen years.
A on B since C for
A3 If your head hurts, take a ....... .
A painkiller B rest C drop
A4 There are ....... of oranges in the fridge.
A a lot B any C some
A5 I can do it ....... . Thank you.
A myself B herself C yourself
A6 I only drink low- ....... milk when I’m on a diet.
A butter B fat C salt
A7 My mum’s hair is ....... and curly. It’s really nice!
A middle-aged B shoulder-length C slim
A8 I saw a ....... that was very funny.
A thriller B romance C comedy
A9 The ....... at the shop decided to have a staff meeting.
A shop assistant B cashier C manager
A10 Use the watering ....... to water the flowers.
A bag B can C gloves
A11 There is ....... traffic in the morning.
A heavy B slim C thin
A12 We bought some crayons from the ....... shop.
A homeware B stationery C jewelleryA13 We can ....... a party for your birthday. It’ll be fun!
A throw B practise C move
A14 I have a ....... fever. The doctor said I should stay in bed.
A low B bad C high
A15 This coffee hasn’t got ....... sugar. I need to add some more.
A a little B much C some
For questions B1-B10 put the words in brackets into the correct grammar form.
В1 We ___________________________________________ (go) on holidays to Italy.
B2 I ________________________________________ (stay) at a friend’s house at the moment.
B3 Kate usually ____________________________ (paint) pictures of animals in her spare time.
B4 He _____________________________ (just/plant) some trees and flowers in the garden.
B5 Helen ______________________________ (cook) dinner for two hours now.
B6 You ____________________________ (pack) your suitcase since 7 o’clock in the morning!
B7 John __________________________________ (not/phone) last night.
B8 Lucy _________________________________ (wear) a skirt and a jacket to work every day.
B9 Uncle Jack ____________________________ (wash) his car now.
B10 We __________________________________ (already/ see) this film.
C1 You’ve got a letter from your friend, John. Write him a letter and answer his questions. Write 50-60 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.
…… Do you go in for sport? What sport do you like best and why? What sport events do you prefer to watch on TV? ……
Write soon.
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