Презентация по английскому языку на тему Memory (10 класс)

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The theme of the lesson: Memory Білу: Есте сақтаудың жолдарын білу (барлығы) Түсіну: Заттарды есте сақтаудың қажеттілігін түсіну (барлығы)Қолдану: Тақырыпқа қатысты жаңа сөздерді сөйлем, мәтін құрағанда қолдана алу (көпшілігі)Талдау: Заттарды, оқиғаларды қалай есте сақтау керектігін талдау (барлығы)Жинақтау: “Interesting story in my life which I remember” тақырыбына эссе жазу (барлығы)Бағалау: Есте сақтау қабілетінің маңызды екенін бағалау (көпшілігі) Look at these numbers and objects for 30 seconds and try to memorize them. 58103963781 Who has the best memory?Which is more difficult memorizing numbers or words?Answer the following questions. Let’s check how good your memory is.1.How many phone numbers and dates of birth can you remember?2. Where were the Olympic Games in 2000?3. What was your first birthday present?4. Do you remember your first teacher’s name? 5. Where were you last Sunday and what you did that day? New wordsEnormous – үлкен,зорCerebral cortex – мидың қабыPark of cards – ойын картасының бір комплектісіCell – клетка, жасушаLack – жетіспеушілікMental performance – ақыл – ой іс - әрекетіDecrease – қысқару, азаюDecline – төмендеу Reading textsI group – Part III group – Part IIPupils will read the texts and discuss them. And explain them each other. I group II group Are the statements true (T) or false (F)? Correct the false ones.He became a world champion memory man when he remembered the scores of every football match.He was a very clever pupil.He started to improve their memory when he saw a programmer on television.He says children can improve their memory at the age of fifteen. Match the brain age and professions.Fiction writers a. 35 – 39 Poets b. 30 – 45Philosophers c. 30 – 34 Who is the faster? Read the text and complete the sentences with the exact words Complete the sentences with the exact words.1. The statement that we use only ________ of our brain may be wrong.2. The cerebral cortex is the most ______ part of the brain.3. It’s from your cerebral cortex that you ______ , ______, ________, ________.4. If you solve puzzles, crosswords you can ______ your brain. How to improve your memory1.When you go to bed , remember everything you did that day.2. Remember things in pictures, not words. Words are difficult to remember, but pictures are easy. For example, if you want to remember the name Kate, think of a cat. For the number 8814, think of two snowmen, a tree and a birds.Do you know this? Group workHow to improve your memory Match the words and definitions.1.enormous a. an absence or need for something2. improve b. to become shorter, smaller3. lack c. very large4. decrease d. having mental or physical ability5. pack e. a complete set of physical cards6. capable f. to become better a) The territory of Kazakhstan is great.b) I’ve been learning English for three years. It has become better.c) What’s the result of yesterday’s football match?d) The number of unemployed people is becoming smaller.e) We are short of money.Change the words in italics the words from the text. Your homework: Interesting story in mylife which I remember”Write an essay: Good bye!Thank you for your attention!Good luck !!! Thank you for your attention!

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