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Презентация преподавателя английского языкаГолуновой Кристины ОлеговныГБПОУ «Кулебакский Металлургический Колледж» Look at the list. Do you know all the words? Give the definitions.Which of these are not actually professions?Underline the jobs you think are exciting. Circle the jobs you would never like to do. Put brackets around the well-paid jobs. Cross out the jobs you think are boring. Tick the jobs you think you’ll be good at. a reporter a fisherman a businessman a shop-assistant a police officer a pilot a driver a housewife a postman a programmer a student a vet a chef a traveller a scientist a designer a musician a librarian a nurse a secretary a farmer a dentist an engineer 4. Which jobs from the list match these definitions? -a person who does experiments. -someone who works in the country with animals or plants. -a person who cooks in a restaurant. -a person who makes things from wood. -a person who helps a doctor in a hospital. -someone who does office work, such as typing letters, answering phone calls, etc. a reporter a fisherman a businessman a shop-assistant a police officer a pilot a driver a housewife a postman a programmer a student a vet a chef a traveller a scientist a designer a musician a librarian a nurse a secretary a farmer a dentist an engineer 5. Choose gender-neutral names for the given professions. Mail carrier, congressional representative, salesperson (2), bar person, police officer (2), flight attendant, chairperson, firefighter, business executive (2) Chairman _____________________ Businessman __________________ Businesswoman ________________ Mailman _____________________ Stewardess ___________________ Policewoman __________________ Policeman ____________________ Salesman ____________________ Saleswoman __________________ Barman _____________________ Fireman _____________________ Congressman _________________ I’d like to be a … because … We are going to translate the text about choosing a career, working in groups. Before you start reading, study the vocabulary list and write down the unfamiliar underlined words. Vocabulary: choosing a career — выбор профессииmatter — вопрос, делоto examine — изучатьthoroughly — тщательноAbilities / skills — способностиstrength — сильная сторонаweakness — слабая сторонаto take into account — принимать во вниманиеpreference — предпочтениеparticularly — особенноto follow in the footsteps of — идти по стопамblindly — слепоto base on — основываться наopinion — мнениеturn of mind — склад умаto work out — разрабатыватьoccupation requirements — требования к профессииvariety — разнообразиеpay / salary — зарплата, жалованье generally speaking — вообще говоряindependent — независимыйsuccessful — успешныйwealthy — состоятельныйwell-paid — хорошо оплачиваемыйto support a family — содержать семьюbreadwinner — кормилецcondition — условиеto enter — поступатьprestigious — престижныйfurther training — дальнейшее обучениеpromotion prospects — перспективы на повышениеto graduate — окончить (университет)plum job — «тёплое местечко» (несложная работа с хорошим заработком)to respond — отвечать, соответствоватьmonotonous — монотонныйtedious — нудный, скучный, утомительныйclerical job — офисная работаcapable — способныйhard-working — трудолюбивый to climb the ladder — делать карьеруfirefighter — пожарныйestate agent — агент по недвижимостиfull-time job — работа на полную ставкуpart-time job — работа на полставкиflexitime job — работа со скользящим графикомset pattern — установленный график, расписаниеinvolve — включать, содержатьto juggle — совмещатьemployee — служащий, работникemployer - работодательto appeal — привлекать, нравиться sociable — общительный on the contrary — напротив, наоборот timid — робкий, застенчивыйdiffident — неуверенный в себеfrankly speaking — откровенно говоря communication skill — навык общенияbusiness trip — командировка to imply — подразумевать to turn out — оказыватьсяexhausting — изнуряющий, изматывающий, утомительный stressful — напряжённыйambitious — целеустремлённый, честолюбивый creative — творческийtailor — портнойbodyguard — телохранитель lifeguard — спасательrewarding — полезный, стоящий demanding — требующий много усилий или времениto devote — посвящатьaspiring — устремлённый, честолюбивый reliable — надёжныйlaborious — трудолюбивый, старательный to be a matter of future prestige and wealth — быть вопросом будущего престижа и благополучия Choosing a Career Sooner or later all of us face the problem of choosing a career when we are to decide what we are going to be in future. Choosing a career is not a simple matter — in fact, it can be one of the most important in our life. You don't need to hurry making a decision. You should examine thoroughly your abilities and character, take a realistic view of your strengths and weaknesses, pay attention to your parents' and friends' advice and take into account your own preferences. The last point in the list is particularly important because there are many examples when people make great mistakes choosing their future profession. Sometimes they either simply follow in the footsteps of their parents or relatives or just blindly follow their advice. Your choice should be mostly based on your own opinion. Family traditions are good, but your turn of mind may be quite different. So, never base only on other people's opinion.Having thought carefully about what sort of person you are, try to work out a list of your occupation requirements.Nowadays there is a great variety of jobs to any taste. Choosing a future career, we should consider the following things.• Pay. Is the size of your salary important? Generally speaking, it is important. Of course there may be various situations, but if you are going to be independent, successful and wealthy, you have to find a well-paid job. Moreover, if you are going to have a family, you should be ready to support it, to be a breadwinner. Naturally, you'd like to live in good conditions, and your children to study at good schools, and then to enter prestigious universities, to travel all around the world and so on. Now you understand why you should take money into consideration when choosing a job. • Further training, promotion prospects and job conditions should also be kept in mind. Just after graduating it is very difficult to find a plum job which will respond to all your preferences. It is usually a monotonous, tedious clerical job, but if you are a capable and hard-working person, you will certainly be offered an opportunity to climb the ladder.• Place of work. You ought to decide whether you want to work indoors (cashier, chemist, librarian, secretary, etc.) or outdoors (driver, firefighter, estate agent, etc.). Your choice may be based on your lifestyle or health condition. • Full-time, part-time, flexitime jobs. There is no set pattern to part-time working. It may involve a later start and earlier finish time than a full-time position, working mornings or afternoons only, fewer working days in a week for less salary. It is a perfect variant for students who want to juggle their studies and work, as well as flexitime jobs. Employees decide by themselves when to begin and end their working day.• Communication with different people. Meeting and dealing with people doesn't appeal to every person. Some people are not very sociable; on the contrary, they are timid, shy and diffident. Frankly speaking, it is a great talent to have communication skills. If you think you have it, you may choose a profession involving close contacts with people, such as a doctor, a journalist, a lawyer, a guide, a teacher.• Business trips. You should keep in mind that some professions imply travelling all over the world, such as tour guides, scientists, actors, journalists, pilots and so on. It's not always fun. Business trips may last a week, a month and even more. You may be sent to London for a few days, then you'll spend only a few hours in Paris, and right after that, without any rest, you'll have to go to Berlin. Sometimes it turns out that you don't have even an hour for yourself just to relax and see the town you've come to. Such trips may be very exhausting and stressful. However, if you are young, ambitious and full of energy, you will be able not only to do your job successfully but also see the world.• Aspiration for creative work. If you are a creative person, it's a must for you to find such job. It can be a job of an artist, a tailor, a designer or a stylist.• Jobs connected with risk. Such jobs are usually well-paid, but very dangerous. A police officer, a fireman, a bodyguard, a lifeguard — these are the names of jobs which imply risk. Those, who want a rewarding but demanding job and who are ready to devote all their lives to it, may choose this kind of work.Analyzing all these points will help you not to make a wrong choice.In case you are an aspiring, responsible, creative, optimistic, reliable person, who is ready to learn and be laborious, who is not afraid of any difficulties of the future and ready to solve any problem with a smile, the world of jobs and careers will be open to you.Choosing a career should not only be a matter of future prestige and wealth. Work should bring real satisfaction; otherwise your whole life will become dull and monotonous. Answer the questions: 1. Have you already thought about your future career? What makes the profession chosen so attractive for you? 2. Do your parents give you a piece of advice about your future profession? 3. What are your parents? 4. Have you got any traditions in your family? (connected with jobs) 5. Try to take a realistic view of your strengths and weaknesses. Which of your qualities are worth improving? 6. What part-time jobs can students do nowadays? 7 What occupations are popular nowadays in your country? Why? 8. Imagine that you are a successful businessman (businesswoman). Describe your life: your living conditions, some usual activities and so on. 9. What is the best way of preparing for your future profession? 10. Do you agree with the quotation: "It doesn't matter what job you do. It's how you do it"? Watch the video about making a career choice. Try to understand the main ideas and be ready to answer the questions. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB-1qocZiPM&t=1s) In conclusion… Which quotation do you agree or strongly disagree with? I don't want to earn my living; I want to live. Oscar Wilde The darkest hour in any man's life is when he sits down to plan how to get money without earning it. Horace Greeley You have to earn money the hard way. Because no-one will serve it up to you on a silver platter. Gordon Wu I really hope that this lesson was useful and you will find your perfect job in the future. Thank you for your work!

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