Презентация по английскому языку на тему Школьная жизнь(4 класс)

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов презентации:

Class - classes In classAfter classesBefore classes When does the Russian class begin?Do you always speak English in class?After classes I often go shopping.. Comfortable A comfortable chair, comfortable shoesIs your room comfortable?I don`t think my new boots are very comfortable. Uniform - uniforms A brown uniform, a dark blue uniformThey all wear uniforms at their school.Do all pupils wear uniforms in class? P.E., Physical Education I have P.E. on Thursday and on Monday.What do you do in your P.E. class?What`s your P.E. uniform like? Handicraft When do you have Handicraft?I have Handicraft on Tuesday.Do you always wear uniforms in your Handicraft classes?Who is your Handicraft teacher? Exercise book – exercise books Susan has got a big exercise book for Handicraft.There are many exercise books in my bag. Museum - museums To go to museumAre there many museums in London?We shall meet at the museum at 4. Pencil -pencils Coloured pencils, draw in pencilHe`s got many coloured pencils in the box.He can draw in pencil.

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