Презентация по английскому языку BELARUSIAN CUISINE

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Belarusian ethnic cuisine Perhaps, one of the most pleasant ways to understand soul of the country consists in beginning exploning it ethnic cuisine. Tasting of some original dish can tell the foreign visitor much about the Belarusian traditions Potatoes are called among people "the second bread". The wide circulation of potato dishes in Belarusian cuisine can be explained with natural climatic conditions which are good for growth of tasty types of potatoes. Potatoes are included in many salads, it is served together with mushrooms, meat; various pirazhki (pies) and the baked puddings are made of it. The most popular dish - the traditional draniki, thick pancakes prepared from the crushed potatoes. The most favourite poultry - a goose who is prepared for the Dishes of holidays prepared from meat usually move together with potatoes or vegetables, such as carrots, cabbage, a black radish, peas, etc. Soups play an important role in Belarusian cuisine. There are two types of soups: hot and cold The most popular soup of beet (borshch), broth, soup of cabbage (shchy) and the cooled soup (khaladnik). All soups have sour tastes. From flour dishes the most popular is zatsirka. Parts of specially prepared dough boil in water and then pour with milk or decorate with fat of salty pork. Belarusians also drink sweet juice from birches and maples. That juice and kvasses made from them are national drinks.

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