Контроль навыков аудирования и чтения на основе видеофильма Windows on Britain.

Task : «Windows on Britain» Choose the right variant:
A GP is a general practitioner or …
Family nurse b) family doctor c) family surgeon
There are over 36000 GPs in Britain and about a third of them are …
a) men b) students c) women
If you need a medicine your GP will write a prescription for you to take it to a …
a) chemist b) pharmacy c) drugstore
To belong to one of the groups of people who get their medicine free for example you are …, or over …, or expecting … .
a student, 70, a child b) a student, 60, a child c) a student, 60, baby
In Britain most … and … are part of the NHS- the National Health Service.
doctors and hospitals b) pharmacy and hospitals c) chemists and pharmacy
In fact, the NHS provides free medical care for … in Britain.
Children b) pensioners c) everyone
Britain has one of the highest level of … disease in the western world.
Lung b) heart c) stomach
It also has a very high level of … .
cough b) cancer b) flu
Medicine help people get better, … help them stay healthy.
fitness b) diet c) morning exercises
Nowadays British people eat less … and more fresh fruit and vegetables than in past.
fast food b) sweets c) red meat
New medicine and … diet have raised life expectancy.
good b) better c) the best
Many people live … than that.
less b) more c) longer
The 2nd-3rd Forms. Grammar test.Вставьте is, are, have или has.
Tom …. a little boy. He … five. He … got many toys.
Bob and Sam … little boys. They … four. They … got a sister.
Where … your pen? It … in the pencil box.
She … got many dolls. They … nice.
Вставьте do, does, don’t или doesn’t.
… you like your bag? - No, I … .
… she play hide-and-seek?- Yes, she …
The kittens … like to swim. … they like to jump?
…. your teacher play with you? - Yes, she … .
Составьте из слов утвердительные предложения.
we, basketball, play, well, can.
gets up, at, Billy, 7 a.m., in , morning, the.
three, has, the, dog, got, puppies.
eyes, my, are, and, big, brown.
4.Напишите по образцу.
dog (Ted) - собака Тэда - Tad’s dog
mother (Nick) - мама Ника
brother (Betty) – брат Бетти
son (Jim) – сын Джима
fish (John)- рыбка Джона
5.Переведите на английский язык.
1. У меня есть друг.
2. Ему 10 лет.
3. Его имя Тэд.
4. Он живёт на ферме с его родителями.
5. Его волосы тёмные.
6. У него большие, зелёные глаза.
7. Он добрый и весёлый.

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