Презентация Фразовые глаголы из учебника Spotlight 10 Практика

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Приложение к учебнику Spotlight Student`s book 10Авторы: О.В.Афанасьева, Д.Дули, И.В.Михеева, Б.Оби, В.ЭвансВыполнила: Журавлёва Е.А. Учитель английского языка МБОУ «СШ № 15» г.Евпатория
Phrasal verbs from Spotlight 10Practice This territory seems to have been looked ________. Driver, look ________! The train is approaching!At first, Bob`s parents looked ________on his marrying Jane.4. Betty is looking ________to hearing from her friend shortly.5. If you don’t know how to read the word, better look _______its transcription in the dictionary.after out for down forward up
Marry has lost her weight and had to take ________ her dress.2. If I have time I’ll take her ________ to the restaurant. 3. Hellen is very tall – she takes ________ her mother.4. I’ll take ________ your matter, though it seems to be hopeless.5. After some discussions he decided to take ________ the leadership in organizing of this charitable action.6. Mr. Scott took _________ his gloves and put it on the table. in out after up over off
What’s up? Why are you picking _________ your porridge?Can you help me pick ________ an outfit for this event?3. The garbage company picks ________our waste three times in a week.4. Some students pick ___________their physically weaker classmates . 5. Tom dropped his pencil and bent to pick it ________.at out up on up
A lot of cars in our country run ________natural gas.The dog got run ________by a car yesterdayHow are we going to prepare the pie! We've run _______flour.He rans ______Sara in the supermarket three days ago. You can run _______from everyone, but you can`t from your conscience.on over out of into away
 1. Anny gets _________very well with her parents.2. How can he get _________on so small income?3. Does she get _________at the next stop?4. It's tiring to get _________town with public transportation. on by off around
Give me my flash card ________.She gave ________ all her old clothes to the poor.Tom gave _______ smoking when he was 40.This lamp gives _________a very dim light.back away up off
Can you turn ________ the TV set? My favourite comedy has already begun.If you do not turn _______the gas, the porridge will burn.3. Could you turn ________the volume? I really like this song.4. Don’t turn ________the page till he read it down.on down up over
Can you bring me _______the magazine I gave you last Sunday? 2. Her headache was brought _______by magnetic storm.3. These twins are brining ________in a children’s home.4. The heavy rains brought _______the flood.back on up about

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