План урока Food and drink

The theme: Food and drink Teacher: Ibrasheva A.Zh Grade: 5a Date: 17/XI
The aims: To teach the pupils to learn countable and uncountable nouns, to enlarge their vocabularies;
To develop students’ critical thinking using group-work, pair-work;
To be able to use taken knowledge in the real life.
Waited results: Pupils will be taught in using countable and uncountable nouns, they’ll enlarge their vocabularies;
Students’ critical thinking will be developed using group-work, pair-work;
They will be able to use taken knowledge in the real life.
Parts of the
lesson Time Content Teacher’s action of management Cognitive action of students Visual aids, resources
Introduction 7min І part
Organization moment: greeting the students/ training
Checking the home-task
Strategy “Breakthrough question”;
Good morning! How are you?
Trains and prepares pupils to the lesson
Lets the pupils revise the previous lesson
-Morning! We are fine!
Take part at the training
Review the last material

Presentation of the lesson 5 min ІІ part.
Dividing the class into groups.
Defines the theme of the lesson
Divides students.
Pupils are divided into groups with the parts of the pictures
1-group: Food
2-group: Drinks Main part 13 min ІІІ part
Vocabulary and pronunciation.
Auding/ dialogue
Helps the pupils with the pronunciation of the words
Let pupils read and understand the dialogue by themselves in group Practice and match the words.
Try to learn the dialogue by themselves. voc. book
2 min Physical minute
Just dance kids 6 min ІV part. Tasks
Rotation: group-work
a) Соuntable or uncountable
b) Making up words
Teacher gives the pupils some instructions.
Pupils divide the words on the blackboard into countable and uncountable nouns; make up words from the letters paper and pen
7 min Grammar: “have got/has got”
Matching exercise
Game “Pizza” Explains the usage of the verb “have got/has got”
Match the sentences with “have got/has got”
Do the tasks from the back of “pizza” Grammar tables
1 min “Window of marking” Comments the marks of the pupils from the “window of marking” on the blackboard (Summative) Pupils applaud to each others; give the diploma to the pupil they like self-made diplomas
Home assignment 1 min VІ part
Giving the home-task Explains homework. Write on a diary. diary
Reflection of the lesson/ Conclusion 1 min V part
“Apple tree”
Explains the technology of making feedback Pupils put their stickers to the apple tree: green apples- I liked the lesson;
red apples-“I didn’t like the lesson” stickers
“Window of marking”
№ The name
of the pupil Home-task Group-work Grammar Total
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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