Презентация к уроку Computer as a modern means of communication.

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Computer as a modern means of communication With the help of computers the Internet has entered into our life. It became an integral part of a life of each person. Now people cannot live without checking of mail and visiting their favourite sites.Учитель английского языка Яньшина А.А.Учитель информатики Комкова Г.В.1 Dialogue vocabularyIn my opinion…Oh, I see!I never thought about it that way before.I’m afraid I can’t agree…I don’t agree that…May I have a word?Excuse me for interrupting…What do you think about it?To my mind…I feel strongly against it.2 Listen to four people speaking about the role of computers in their lives and decide whether these statements are true (T) or false (F) .A 1. Her job is to assess and repair computers. 2. She often wonders how people managed without computers. B 1. He uses the computer every day. 2. He never writes to his relatives. C 1. She believes that life would be easiest without computers. 2. She knows that there are many people who don’t use computers. D 1. He is worried that people depend on computers too much. 2. He thinks that computers can help people develop their skills. 3 Pair work Work in pairs. Discuss the following questions and report the results back to the class.How is your life dependent on technology?Do you think people depend on computers too much?What do you think the world would be like without computers?4 Label the pictureKeyboard, scanner, printer, socket, central unit, mouse mat, screen, mouse1. Ease your eyes6 Reading taskOpen Microsoft Word, read the text “The benefits of Modern Technology”, do the tasks.True or False? 1. The author is annoyed about those who still don’t know what the “e” in e-mail stands for. 2. It is cheaper to send an e-mail than an ordinary letter. 3. It takes several days to send an e-mail. 4. The computer you need should be fairly powerful.7 E-mail messageSend to editorShut downCheck spellingWrite e-mail messageConnect modemAttach article Write articleDisconnect modemSave any changes Save documentOpen applicationSwitch on computer Rebecca has to write a weekly article, and then send it to her editor with an e-mail message. Complete this flow chart using the expressions below.8 Emoticons and abbreviations. When people send informal e-mails or text messages, they sometimes use emoticons ( symbols) or abbreviations. Look through the list and match the items 1-9 with the meaning a-i.I-O a) I’m angryCUL8R b) I’m frowning:-O c) by the wayBTW d) Are you OK?:-C e) I’m yawningTYVM f) I’m sad:( g) Thank you very muchRUOK h) see you later:-II i) Wow!  9 Writing an e-mail Write an e-mail message to your classmates.Their addresses:[email protected]@[email protected] Rounding offOpen Paint and draw a face according to your mood:“OK”“Bad”“Good”“So-so” 11 You can learn some more information in these books:Matrix. Kathy Gude, Michael Duckworth. Oxford University Press.-2002.Business Basics. David Grant and Robert McLarty. Oxford University Press.-2003.“Enjoy English” 10 класс. М.З. Биболетова .Универсальные материалы для подготовки учащихся к ЕГЭ по английскому языку. «Интеллект-центр»-2010.12

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