Презентация по английскому языку на тему Isambard Kingdom Brunel (11 класс, по Биболетовой)

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IsambardKingdom Brunel (1806-1859)He was an English engineer. I.K. Brunel was born on 9 April 1806 in Portsmouth. His father Marс was a French engineer who had fled France during the revolution. Brunel was educated both in England and in France. Marc BrunelHis father Marc was a naval officer and a French engineer who had fled France during the revolution.I.Brunel worked in his father’s office and helped him to plan the Thames Tunnel. The Thames TunnelBrunel's first notable achievement was the part he played with his father in planning the Thames Tunnel from Rotherhithe to Wapping, completed in 1843. Nowadays this tunnel is a part of the London Underground. The Clifton Suspension BridgeIn 1831, Brunel's designs won the competition for the Clifton Suspension Bridge across the River Avon. Construction began the same year but it was not completed until 1864. The Hungerford Suspension BridgeHe also himself planned this bridge over the Thames. The Great WesternAs well as bridges, tunnels and railways, Brunel was responsible for the design of several famous ships. The 'Great Western', launched in 1837, was the first steamship built to cross the Atlantic . The Great BritainThe 'Great Britain', launched in 1843, was the world's first screw-steamer. The Great EasternThe 'Great Eastern', launched in 1858, was designed in cooperation with John Scott Russell, and was by far the largest vessel ever built up to that time, but was not commercially successful. Great Western RailwayBy 1830, steam railways were being built all over Britain In 1833 Brunel was made chief engineer for the new Great Western Railway.This railway linked London to Bristol, about 200km across country. Brunel built all the stations, tunnels and bridges too. Match the names to these pictures:a. Great Western Railway,b. the Thames Tunnel,c. the Great Eastern,d. the Hungerford Bridge, e. the Great Britain,f. The Clifton Bridge.123456

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