Презентация по английскому языку на тему Города Австралии

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AUSTRALIA’s MAIN CITIES MAIN CITIES Over 1 mln people; the only large Australian city with subtropical climate; very beautiful, with a lot of parks and gardens; An important export centre exporting wool, meat, wheat, sugar. one of the most important cities; a cattle centre; is connected with Adelaide by the railroad line; the only town in the south of the Northern Territory; an important centre of learning; the seat of the federal government; built in 1923-1927; 310000 people; a lot of government buildings; the place where the National University of Australia is situated. Australia’s largest 3,5 city mil people; founded on January 26, 1788; the first European settlement in the country; Australia’s leading seaport; a city of old and new buildings; a lot of lovely parks and gardens. Australia’s second largest city; over 3 mm people; the financial centre of the nation; from 1901 to 1927— the seat of the federal’ government; stone buildings remind visitors of citiesin England; an industrial city; factories produce many goods. over 1 mln people; Famous for Adelaide’s Festival of Arts held every two years; a large centre exporting wine. the major west coast city, Over 1 mln people; people; the most beautiful Australian city which reminds many Americans of cities in Southern California; a sea port. AUSTRALIA’s HOBART BRISBANE ALICE SPRINGS CANBERRA SYDNEY MELBOURNE ADELAIDE PERTH Founded in 1804;Australia’s oldest city;Surrounded by a small agricultural area;Fruit, dairy products, wool – are exported through the city. Melbourne Less than one third of population live out side Australia's cities and towns. Melbourne is the nations cultural, financial, and intellectual capital. Melbourne second largest city over 3 million people live there. Melbourne used to be the first capital of Australia. Melbourne is the fourth largest city, in southern hemisphere. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria state. Melbourne is the modern sea port. Its principal exports are the wool, meat, hides, and wheat. Melbourne and Sidney contain one third of all of the people on the Australian continent. Canberra Canberra is a capital of Australia. It’s very beautiful. Canberra is not the biggest city. It doesn’t belong to Australian states. It’s population is 310 000 people. This city is very different from other Australian cites. It’s the central of Australian life. Alice Springs People in Australia are city dwellers. Alice Springs is one of the most important cites. Alice Springs is a cattle centre. Alice Springs is a capital of Northern territory. Northern territory is the least populated and least developed part of Australia. Alice Springs, generally called Alice or the Alice, is the only town in the south of the country. Alice is connected with Adelaide the only rail road line. Brisbane Brisbane is the west capital city of the country. The population of Brisbane is 1 mln. people. It’s a large Australian city with tropical climate. It’s a very beautiful city, with a lot of parks and gardens. An important export centre of wool, meat, wheat, sugar.

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