Презентация-Викторина на тему Рождество

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Christmas Christmas Greetings.Friends are close to our hearts,Memories are more dear,And wishes mean so very muchWhen Christmas is here! Christmas GreetingsIt’s time to trim the Christmas treeAnd hang the mistletoe,It’s time to wish much happinessTo people nice to know! Christmas Greetings.With best Christmas wishes.We congratulate you on New Year and Christmas.All Christmas joy be yours. How much I love you.I’ve done many things for Christmas;I’ve tied each present with bow,But there’s one other thingI wanted to tell you,How much I love you,But I think you know. I Tie My Love With RibbonsIn the glow of Christmas candlesAnd the stars that shine above,I bring you season’s greetingsWith my ribboned gift of love.In the joyous sound of voicesSinging carols in the snow,I take you hand and tell youOf my love that seems to grow.With Christmas years behind usAnd Christmas years ahead,I tie my love with ribbonsIn the shade of Christmas red. Christmas Trees.Holly is a symbol of good luck, like horseshoe.Holly is a symbol of man.Holybush keeps the house safe from lightening.Ivy is a symbol of woman.Holly and ivy is a symbol of peace in the home between husband and wife.Mistletoe is a symbol of peace and friendship.Tiny cherry trees are grown to blossom on Christmas Day. Red poinsettia is a Christmas flower. Kissing bush.Any girl who is kissed beneath the bush will be sure of good luck and a happy marriage. History of Christmas trees.Martin Luther (Germany) brought a fir-tree and decorated it with candles.Prince Albert (Queen Victoria’s husband) brought the first Christmas tree from Germany in 1846.Queen Victoria started the tradition of Christmas trees , carol singers, Christmas crackers and Christmas cards.The first Christmas card appeared in 1843. Christmas cards.Christmas cards contained pictures of poor people to remind that Christmas is the time for remembering who are in need.Robin is a popular image on Christmas cards.In 1843 sir Henry Cole asked an artist to design a card that he could send to all his friends. Tom Smith (sweet shop owner) invented first Christmas cracker in1840.Advent is four weeks before Christmas.On Christmas Eve animals are able to speak and evil spirits lose their power.Burning of Yule Log symbolises return of the sun.(draw a man before burning , sacrifice)Snapdragon Santa Claus appears in a sleigh with 9 reindeer:Dasher,Dancer,Prancer,Vixen,Comet,Cupid,Donner,Blitzen,Rudolph ( popular in America , Robert Meg(poem),Denver Gillen( picture) in 1939) Christmas dishes.Roast wild boar (peacock , swan , goose)Roast goose (turkey)Christmas pudding“ Stir – up Sunday” is at the beginning of Advent (pudding is stirred from East to West in order to honor Three Wise Men)Every member must give a stir and make a secret wish. Christmas Quiz.What plant is a symbol of man?A) IvyB) hollyC) MistletoeD) Tiny cherry trees What plant is a symbol of woman?A) Tiny cherry treesB) HollyC) MistletoeD) Ivy What is a symbol of peace and friendship?A) IvyB) Tiny cherry treesC) Red poinsettiaD) Mistletoe Who brought the first Christmas tree to Britain?A) Martin LutherB) Queen VictoriaC) Prince AlbertD) Elisabeth the Second Who decorated the Christmas tree with candles for the first time?A) Martin LutherB) Prince HarryC) Prince AlbertD) Queen Victoria What tradition is a Christmas tradition?A) Giving loveB) Giving candyC) Giving giftsD) Giving money What country did the Christmas story come from?A) EnglandB) the USAC) IsraelD) UK What country was the first Christmas tree brought from ?A) UKB) the USAC) GermanyD) England What is a Christmas flower?A) Cherry treesB) Red poinsettiaC) HollyD) Ivy What is an important Christmas tradition?A) singing with the familyB) coloring eggsC) sending and receiving Christmas cardsD) wearing sceary masks When do people begin sending Christmas cards?A) late in NovemberB) early in DecemberC) late in DecemberD) early in November What is the most popular image on Christmas card?A) ChildrenB) Santa ClausC) Fir- tree D) Robin When did the first Christmas card appear ?A) 1745B) 1902C) 1843D) 1943 How many deer does Santa have in his sleigh?A) 10B) 9C) 8D) 7 What is a traditional Christmas dish?A) gooseB) swanC) turkeyD) peacock

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