Лексико-грамматический тест за II четверть 8 класс УМК О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Притыкина

TEST 8th form December 2015 (total 45 points)
I. Listening (SB English VIII, O.V. Afanasyeva, I.V. Mikheeva, ex15 p. 99) (5 points)
Listen to the interview about the British shops and write “true” or “false”
Oxford Street in London is famous for its shopping.
The High Street is an area where theatres are situated.
All the customers who use supermarkets can get there only by car.
Corner shops sell more specialized goods than supermarkets.
There are three big supermarkets in London.
II. Reading (SB English VIII, O.V. Afanasyeva, I.V. Mikheeva, ex.4 pp. 140-141) (6 points)
Read the articles and match them with their titles. There is one extra one.
III. Grammar
Choose the right word to complete the sentences. (9 points)
Nick always boasts that he (can/ may) swim best of all his friends.
Madam, (could/ may) you help me? I’m looking for Green Street.
At last they (could/ were able to) see London and its sights.
You (may/ may be) right, but you’ll have to prove it.
We think very (high/ highly) of his new book.
Try to say this new word (right/ rightly).
Can you see that plane flying (high/ highly) above us?
Peter was (wrong/ wrongly) believed to be a thief.
I looked right into her (wide/ widely) open eyes.
Write degrees of comparison of the adjectives. (10 points)
nice 3. comfortable 5. good 7. busy 9. far
hot 4. little 6. clever 8. old 10. big
IV. VocabularyUse the right word: away, down, into or out. (5 points)
I broke … from him and rushed to the door.
What a pity! My new washing machine has broken … .The horse broke … a gallop.
The epidemic broke … suddenly and turned out to be usually long.
Translate from Russian into English and write three forms of the verbs. (10 points)
покупать 3. играть 5. делать 7. кушать 9. пить
плавать 4. считать 6. быть 8. прыгать 10. учиться

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