Презентация по английскому языку на тему: Move in 5 класс к учебнику Spotlight

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Move in The main aim of the lesson isthe introduction of new words and practice in their use. Let’s check your homework.1st – first3rd – third6th – sixth9th – ninth11th – eleventh13th – thirteenth14th – fourteenth15th – fifteenth17th – seventeenth20th - twentieth

Words from exercise 4, page 47architect – архитекторunusual – необычныйtower – башняwater tower – водонапорная башняreception room – приёмнаяsteps – ступенькиroof – крышаkeep fit – поддерживать формуlift - лифт

What we are going to do…Listening and repeating new words.Writing them in the dictionary.Reading the dialogue. Let’s practice our tongues. There is a tongue twister about furniture. Try to repeat it as fast as you can:There is a big black bed in the big black bedroom.Большая чёрная кровать в большой чёрной спальне.Phonetic warm-up. What is the room and items in it? What is the room and items in it? What is the room and items in it? What is the room and items in it? This, that, these, those.Snap your fingers.Shrug your shoulders.Touch your toes.Bend your knees.Dynamic pause. Read the dialogue.Exercise 3, page 48 Homework:exercise 1, page 48exercise 3(b), page 48 The information is interesting, I can easily use it in practice.The information is interesting, but I have some problems to use it in practiceThe information is difficult to understandLeave a tip for me Thank you for the lesson!Good-bye!

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