Упражнения на Present Continuous и Present Perfect

Упражнения 1. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в требующейся форме, так чтобы получить Present Continuous или Present Perfect.
1. What are you (to talk) about? 2. We have just (to talk) about it. 3. He has just (to say) something about it. 4. She is (to tell) them some interesting story. 5. He has (to tell) us nothing about it. 6. She has (to tell) them some stories about dogs. 7. We have (to have) two lessons today. 8. They are (to have) a meeting. 9. She has not (to speak) yet. 10. They have (to ask) me several questions. 11. He has already (to learn) the rule. 12. I am (to write) an exercise. 13. What is he (to do)? , — He is (to read) a newspaper. 14. Have you (to | read) any stories by Jack London? 15. What are you (to do) here? — I am (to write) a letter to my friends. 16. Who has (to write) this article? 17. What language are you (to study)? 18 We have already (to learn) a lot of English words. 19. What is she (to teach) them? 20. Who has (to teach) you to do it? 21. He has just (to do) something for us. 22. Have you (to find) the book? 23. What are you (to look) for? 
Упражнения 2. Переведите на английский язык, употребляя глаголы в Present Perfect или Present Continuous.
1. Я только что позавтракал. ________________________________________________________________2. Он уже позавтракал. ________________________________________________________________3. Мы еще не завтракали. ________________________________________________________________4. Они все еще пьют чай в столовой. ________________________________________________________________5. Я уже сделал свои уроки. ________________________________________________________________6. Он все еще делает свои уроки. ________________________________________________________________7. У нас сегодня было три урока. ________________________________________________________________8. У них только что было собрание. ________________________________________________________________9. Она еще не читала этой книги. ________________________________________________________________10. Она все еще читает. ________________________________________________________________11. Кто это написал? ________________________________________________________________

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