Тест по Верещагиной: Health and Body Care

Test 3
1.Find the proper reply to each sentence.
1.My friend has had a pain in his stomach all this week.
a)Let him eat more!
b)Then why doesn’t he keep to a diet?
c)Do you study together?
2.My brother never goes to see a doctor because he doesn’t believe any doctors.
a)Is he younger than you?
b)Can he help us with Maths?
c)But is he an absolutely healthy person?
3.You definitely have no symptoms of a cold.
a)You should keep to a diet.
b)Shall we go together?
c)But I don’t feel well! I think I have a high temperature.
2.Fill in the missing words.
1)Where _____ the money?
2)No news ______good news.
3)Thank you for your advice. ____ helped me much. – My pleasure.
4) She sees no progress. – But it’s not true! There _____ some progress now!
5)This knowledge ____ enough to get a high mark. – I see.
3.What words are missing? (one word is odd!)
on a dietsuffers
1)Your brother doesn’t look well! – No, he doesn’t. He _____ from headaches all this week.2)She is not _______! She’s just too tired!
3)You should put the ______ article here!
4)She’s a nice-looking girl, with beautiful eyes and a _____voice. – Oh, is she?
5)-Why don’t you eat anything? Are you _______?
-I am. I eat only fruit and _____ products today.
-I see.
4. Among the words given below find equivalents to the next Russian words:
Ломкий –
Счастье –
Серьёзность –
Переменчивость –
5.Retell these words using Reported Speech.
1)Bill: “Where will you go tomorrow?”
2) Mark: “ I can swim well.”
3)Natasha: “I haven’t seen Tom this week.”
4) Mike: “ I did this task two days ago.”
5) Jim: “Have you ever been to London, Boris?”

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