Открытый урок по английскому языку в 4 классе Что ты мог делать?

ОТКРЫТЫЙ УРОК 4 КЛАСС – 27.11.2015
Тема урока: что ты мог делать?
ЦЕЛЬ УРОКА: Обучение грамматике (could/couldn’t).
Задачи урока:
Развитие навыков аудирования диалога, на базе которого будет выстроен собственный диалог.
Активная работа над произношением и интонацией английского языка.
Введение и закрепление грамматической конструкции could/couldn’t.
Развитие умения задавать общие и специальные вопросы и отвечать на них.
Материал урока: учебник, DVD-ROM к учебникy, Grammar Practice Book;
Дополнительный материал: картинки для разделения детей на пары, распечатки Guided Discovery, разработки Интеллект, дополнительные грамматические упражнения, распечатки диалогов и Class mingle resource.
Этап урока Учитель Ученики Вид работы Время
Opening Hello, children, please get ready for the lesson.
Дата на доске.
Last lesson we studied past tenses. Today we will study a modal verb in the Past Simple tense, practice its usage in dialogues and perform them like real actors. Дети готовятся к уроку, отвечают на вопросы. Фронтальная 1 м
Phonetic drill First we start with some exercises for your lips and tongue. We practice long and short [u] (I open the papers) repeat after me. Tongue twister (open papers one by one) repeat after me, practice in pairs. Фронтальная
Парная 2 м
Lead-in How are you? What did you do yesterday? What was interesting? And what were you doing at 7 o’clock? Ask each other in pairs, present your partner.
And what do you like doing most of all?
What kind of games do you know?
Do you know any word games? For example: hangman, back to board, crossword. Today I show you another word game. Playing games
computer g
video g
board g
card g
3 м
Listening for gist Open, please, your Pupil’s books on page ___ The rule of the game is- One child starts the sentence, another continues it with 2 ideas, what he could and what he couldn’t do. Your task is to listen to the dialogue and follow with your fingers and read it, then mark the statements true or false. Handouts.
Check in pairs. Let’s check them together. Ученики слушают и следят по тексту, прослушав диалог, заполняют упражнение правильно-не правильно. Фронтальная
2 м
Listening for detail Did you like the game? Would you like to play it? Then we need to practice the pronunciation in the dialogue and real English intonation. Listen to the dialogue, follow and repeat.
It will be more interesting to see your own ideas in the dialogues, so I give you the structures you fill in them with your ideas and then act in front of the class. Let’s build pairs. Complete the task in pairs. First practice it while sitting, then in front of the class. Парная 3 м
Building pairs by using pictures Choose 1 card. Irina Vasilevna would you like to help us, please. Make pairs and make up the dialogue. Парная 3 м
Performing Imagine, that you are very talented actors at the theater. Act your dialogues. Let’s listen to the pairs and choose the best one.
Who was better and why? Парная 3 м
Elicitation of grammar structure You have proved that you are great actors, now show us, that you are very clever grammatists too. Look at your papers – read the sentences carefully and do the exercises.
Let’s check together. Индивидуальная
(парная) 4 м
Organized practice When we you born? When did the first robot appear? In 1962 but they couldn’t do many things, and in 2004 they could already do a lot of things, let’s look at the Ex-s Gpb p 8 and make up the sentences, what they could do. Now ex-ce 2 write about the old robot and the new robot. Фронтальная 4 м
Dynamic break Dance your fingers…
Put them on your head,
Head and shoulders, knees and toes…. Делают зарядку 1 м
Class mingle Now have your sits in a circle, please. Let’s remember our good friend George. He was very clever, when he was 3 y o he could do a lot of things. Let’s find out the truth about him what he could and couldn’t do at that age and what he can or can’t do now. Each of you gets a card with some information about George. You have different information. You task is to ask the questions about these activities, who knows – answers. Let’s name the activities, the first question: could he play the piano? – yes, he could
Present the results, please. Play the piano, the violin, cards, computer games, read write his name, ride a bicycle,
could he play the piano? – yes, he could
Групповая 5 м
The intellectual task Very well. And main technology in our school is ….. the intellectual task will improve your attention. Intellect Индивидуальная 3 м
Grammar practice Now you are very attentive about the grammar, prove it, it’s high time to have some practice (handouts). The 2-nd task will be your Home task. Фронтальная 3 м
Ending Now it’s time to finish the lesson.
Have we learnt a modal verb in the Past Simple tense? Have we practiced its usage in ex-s and dialogues? Have we achieved our aims?
How many pencils have you got?
You get your marks and write down your homework, please: handout ex 2, write about you what you could and couldn’t do when you were 3 years old. Ставят оценки в дневник и записывают Д/З: раздаточный материал упр 2 и написать о себе, что ты мог делать когда тебе было 3 года. Фронтальная 3 м

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