Презентация по английскому языку по теме Daily life

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Daily Life. Rooms in the house. a dining room a kitchen a bedroom a bathroom a sitting-room a living-room a study a playroom a library Daily Life. Modern Conveniences. Vocabulary: 1. electricity 2. gas 3. (cold and hot) running water 4. central heating 5. a washing machine 6. a vacuum-cleaner 7. a dish-washer 8. to turn on / off 9. to be on / off 10. a fridge 11. a microwave oven Match the columns: modern a) water 2) standard b) heating 3) vacuum c) machine 4) running d) washer 5) central e) cleaner 6) washing f) room dining g) conveniences dish h) lamp Fill in correct prepositions: 1) I usually clean my carpet _______ a vacuum cleaner.2) They often have breakfast _______ the dining-room.3) What does she usually have ______ lunch?4) He lives ______ 46, Green Street.5) It’s late. Turn _____ your radio, please. Open the brackets .Look! Mary ___________ the carpet with the vacuum cleaner! (to clean)2) She always ____________ the carpet on Saturdays. (to clean)3) Mother is busy. She ______________ our clothes into the washing machine. (to put)4) Look! The water ______________. Turn it off! (to run)5) Electricity _______________ our houses. (to light)6) I _________________ his sister’s name. (not / to remember)Where is Mike? He _______________ in the pool. He often ___________ in the morning. (to swim)I _________________ to turn on television at the moment. (not / to want)9) How ____ you ______ today? (to feel) – I’m fine, thanks. I. Answer the questions using the new words:1) Have you got modern conveniences in your house? What are they?2) What do you clean your carpet with?3) Does your mother wash clothes in the washing machine?4) Why do you think central heating is usually off in summer?5) Have you got cold and hot running water in your country house?6) Have you got a dishwasher in the kitchen?II. Translate into English:1) В нашем доме есть все современные удобства: электричество и газ, горячее и холодное водоснабжение, центральное отопление.2) Моя мама всегда чистит ковры и диваны пылесосом, а стирает одежду в стиральной машине.3) Здесь очень шумно. Выключи телевизор, пожалуйста.4) Почему здесь так жарко? – Включено центральное отопление. Make up 5 different questions to the given sentences: Mike goes to Canada on holiday every summer. 1. (Yes/No-?) _________________________________________________? 2. (or-?) _____________________________________________________? 3. (Wh-?) ____________________________________________________? 4. (Tag-?) ____________________________________________________? 5. (Who-?) ___________________________________________________? Their parents live in London. 1. (Yes/No-?) __________________________________________? 2. (or-?) ______________________________________________? 3. (Wh-?)____________________________________________________? 4. (Tag-?) ____________________________________________________? 5. (Who-?) ___________________________________________________?

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