Конспект открытого урока School uniform

Lesson 36
Data 19.01.17
Тема: School uniform
Тип урока : открытие нового знания
Цель урока: сформировать умения составлять диалогическое высказывание с аргументацией.
Планируемый результат:
Предметные : умение строить монологическое высказывание с аргументацией.
Метапредметные :Познавательные :-читать и слушать, извлекая нужную информацию;
-умение участвовать в общей беседе;
-умение формулировать высказывание;
-умение выполнять действия в соответствии с планом.
Ход урока
1. Org. moment
T: Good morning, children!
P: Good morning, Good morning, Good morning to you,
Good morning, dear O.Yu., We are glad to see you!
T: Sit down, please. Let’s start our lesson.
2. Mental attitude.
At the beginning of the lesson, let's create mental attitude.
Come out to the board. Get up in the circle. And give a heart with good wishes.
Okey sit down .3. The division into groups
At the beginning of the lesson I gave you a puzzle with a picture, you need to assemble the picture correctly.
So we have 2 teams.
4.T: Let’s repeat this words with the help solving a crossword puzzle. Let’s fill it.(кроссворд)
It’s footwear. (shoes)
It’s the upper part of the classic men’s suit. (jacket)
The lower part of the school uniform for boys. (trousers)
2.It’s the upper part of the uniform for boys (shirt)
4.The lower part of the school uniform for girls.(skirt)
6.Part of the uniform for boys which is possible to call an accessory.
7.It’s the upper part of the uniform for girls. (blouse)
T: It’s wrong. Let’s watch a video
(видео дети разных стран в школьной форме)
5.Tell me how what we call today the theme of the lesson
P: It’s about school uniform.
6. Open your copy book write the theme of the lesson and the lesson dates.
7.Now open your book p 75 Ex 3 read and translate.
8.Okey next task.
I give you a poster with the image of school uniforms for girls and school uniforms for boys. write the name of the clothing. I give you the 20 adjectives of them you have to choose 7 describing what should be a school uniform. Also, you have to write what kind of clothes displayed on the poster.
9.who are ready? go to the board.
10. Fizminutka11. Repeat grammar rule. Look at the board
Look at the board and listen to a rule.
12. And now working with a notebook
to consolidate, you need to convert the adjectives used in your poster in the comparative and superlative
13. Reflection
You take a flower which is on your desk and put the basket.
Red flower- like a lesson, and I understand the lesson
Blue flower - a lesson I liked, but something did not understand
yellow flower and I do not understand anything
14. Итог урока выставление оценок
15. Homework^ Ex 13 p 79
16.- I want to thank you for the lesson and for your good work. You are great! Thank you. Good bye.

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