Тренировочные упражнения по английскому языку на тему Present simple and Present Continuous. (5 класс)

Give the negative form
We have English on Monday.
Lena is going to be a teacher.
Nick likes playing computer games.  
It rains in autumn.  
Lena is a good student.  
We are friends.  
My mum is a doctor.  
Boris likes travelling.  
My name is Sam.  
I am from London.  
This is my bike..My dog wants its dinner.  
My brother lives in Moscow.
My father has a new car.
We are from Russia.  
We like cold weather.  
I’m good at maths.  
Her birthday is in July.
They are interested in music.
I usually go shopping on Sunday.
 2. Present Simple. Put in is/are/do/does.
1.   Where____you from?
2.   Where____ Jane   live?3.     ___you like your new school?
4.   Where_____your textbook?
5.  ____you play any sports?6.   What time_____the library close?
7._____you usually tired after your classes?8.   _____your mother a lawyer?
9.       ___she know your phone number?10._____her job boring?
Present Simple. Make questions beginning with the words in the brackets.
They usually get up at 7 o’clock. (When…….?)
Pete has two dogs. (How many…….?)  
We have three lessons on Monday. (Do…….or……….?)
Little children like playing football. (Who…………..?)  
Lena usually plays with her dog in the yard. ( Where……?)
Peter enjoys collecting stamps. (Does…………?)
This boy is seven years old. (How old………….?)
My mum watches music shows in the sitting room. (What…?)
I do my homework  after  dinner. (When……?)
4. Write the correct form of Present Simple or Present Continuous
1. We (to be) always ready for our lessons.
2. My mother (to cook) very well.
3. My granny (not to work).
4. My father (not to be) at home now.  He (to work) at his office.
5. What you (to do) now? I (to read) the poem.
6. Tom usually (to get up) at seven o'clock.
7.  Where you (to live)?
8.  Where Ann (to be)? She (to sleep).
9.  Sometimes he (to watch) TV in the evening.
10. You (to understand) your teacher?
5. Поставьте глагол в скобках в правильную форму – Present Simple или Present Continuous.
Water ... at 0 degrees Celsius. (freeze)
I ... to my sister at the moment. (talk)
How often ... you ... them? (visit)
Kelly ... chocolate. She is allergic to it. (eat)
Hurry up! Everybody ... for you. (wait)

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