Тест по теме Великобритания

«Страноведение. Великобритания»
1) What is the official name of Britain?
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The United Kingdom of the Great Britain and the Northern Ireland
2) What parts does the United Kingdom consist of?
a) England, Scotland, Wales
b) England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland
c) England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
3) What is the capital of Scotland?
a) Belfast b) Edinburgh c) Cardiff
4) What is the symbol of England?
a) the thistle b) the daffodil c) the red rose
5) What is the national musical instrument of Scotland?
a) the guitar b) the violin c) the bagpipe
6) What river is the British capital situated on
a)The Severn b) the Thames c) the Ob
7) Why is it never too hot or too cold in Britain? - Because of…
a)the sea b) mountains с) forests
8) What is the head of the Great Britain?
a) the Parliament b) the Queen c) the Prime Minister
9) The population of Great Britain:
a) 49 million
b) 59 million
c) 9 million
10. The official home of the Queen in London:a) Bucking ham Palace b) British Museum c) Canterbury Cathedral

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