Презентация по английскому языку на тему Infinitive / -ing form (9 класс)

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Infinitive /- ing formЗадорина Е.АМБОУ СОШ №9 г. Елабугаучитель английского языка - ing form - admit - imagine - appreciate - mind - avoid - miss - consider - practise - continue - prevent - deny - quit - fancy - save - go (for activities) - suggest - ing form love like enjoy prefer dislike hate для выражения общего предпочтенияBrian prefers walking alone. - ing form be busy it’s no use it’s no good it’s (not) worth what’s the use of can’t help can’t stand there‘s no point (in) have difficulty (in) have trouble - ing form spend waste lose He spends an hour playing the guitar every day. - ing form look forward to be used to in addition to object to prefer …(Ving) to …(Ving) - ing form после глагола или прилагательного с предлогом think of apologise for insist on (etc.) be afraid of be good at (etc.) - ing form Infinitive agree - advise appear - afford decide - choose expect - invite hope - learn plan - manage promise - offer refuse - pretend want - teach - tell Infinitive would like would love would prefer для выражения определённого предпочтения I would love to come to your party. Infinitive после прилагательных ( be + adj + to V )- happy - eager - clever- glad - reluctant - kind- sad - willing - politebe + the first / second / next / lastHe was the first man to step on the moon. Infinitive too enoughShe’s old enough to see the film.He’s too young to see the film. Infinitive ask decide explain find out learn want want to know + вопросительное словоwhat / when / where / why etc. She asked me when to get the tickets. Infinitive to tell the truth to be honest to sum up to begin with etc.To tell the truth, I don’t really like her cooking. bare infinitive bare infinitive bare infinitive bare infinitive

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