Грамматические упражнения по английскому языку

1. Write the correct form of the Present Simple or Present Continuous.
Tim: I'm a nurse. What ………. you ……….. (do)?
Phil: I (1).....(teach) Spanish. My brother (2).....(teach) in the same school.
Tim: (3).....he.....(teach) Spanish too?
Phil: No, he's a geography teacher. This month he(4).....(travel) in Europe with his students. This week they (5).....(study) the geography of Portugal.
Tim: (6).....they...., (have) a good time?
Phil: Yes. They (7).....(like) the country and the people very much. They (8)..... (not want) to come home! (9)…..you…..(enjoy) travelling?
Tim: Yes. I (10)…..(go) abroad every summer.
2. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect tense.
5 p.m. Sue is getting ready for her birthday party. ………… (invite) all her friends. She (1)…...... (not decorate) her room but she (2).....(buy) a lot of food and drink. She is happy because her boyfriend (3).....(send) her som6 flowers and all her friends (4) ………..(give) her presents. There is only one problem - her brother! He (5)……..... (break) her CD player and he (6).....(not remember) her birthday. Fortunately, her friend, Emma the party. 11.50 p.m. Sue's birthday party is over. All her friends (8)........ (go) home. They (9)........(eat) all the food but they (10).....(not drink) all the fruit juice.
3. Complete the table.
Infinitive Third form of verb
do ……..
1 .....win 2……..
3 ….. left
4 …… fed
come 5 …..
4. Complete the sentences with the correct words.
happy, sad, excited, worried, tired, angry
She's ………. about the exams because she hasn't worked very hard this year.
1. Their parents get.....when they come home late.
2. He's worked hard all day and now he's.....
3. She's.....because her boyfriend hasn't phoned her this week.
4. I'm.....because I've passed my driving test.
5. The children are going on holiday to America. They're very.....because they've never been abroad.
5. Mark these sentences Right (R) or Wrong (W). Correct the wrong sentences.
I like singing, (R)
They enjoy to swim. (W) ………….
1/I don't stand watching soap operas, ( )
2.They hate dancing. ( )
3.He prefer listening to classical-music. ( )
4.They love giving parties. ( )
5.We enjoy quite playing tennis. ( )
6. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.
Can I turn the TV …….? There's a good programmer on at 7 o`clock.
1. English people like to talk..... the weather,
2.The kitchen is a mess because we haven't cleaned.....after the party.
3.Did you know that Pete is going.....with Maria?
4.What time do you wake ……… in the morning? ;
5.The music is too loud. Turn the CD player.....please.
6.This documentary is boring. Can I switch.....to the film channel?
7.The council wants to move the people.....of the railway tunnels.
8.Remember to switch.....the lights before you go to bed.
9.We get..... at 6.30 every morning.
10 I've talked.....a lot of people but nobody can help, me.
7. Match the verbs and nouns to make hobbies.
1 collect (d.) a) judo2 play b) models
3 take c) photos
4 do d) coins
5 goe) swimming
6 make f) chess
8. Mark the nouns countable (C) or uncountable (U).
water (u) picture ( c)
1furniture ( ) 6 pens ( )
2people ( ) 7 news( )
3chairs ( ) 8 papers ( )
4homework ( ) 9 trees ( )
5milk ( ) 10 fruit ( )
9. Circle the correct word.
Tom: I'm hungry and I haven't got some/any food. I've got (1) no/any money so I can't buy (2) no/any food. Have you got (3) any/many money?
Sam: Yes, I've got (4) a few/a little money. We can buy (5) many/some sandwiches.
Tim: Were there (6) many/much people at Emma's party?
Sue: Yes, there were (7) a lot of/many people there but I didn't know (8) a lot of/many of them.
Tom: What about the food?
Sue: Well there wasn't (9) much/some food. There were (10) no/any pizzas or hamburgers but there were biscuits and chocolates.
10. Complete the sentences with another, other, the other, second, all, none, both, neither.
Did Sue win the race? - No. Anna won it and Sue came
1 Close your right eye. Now close.....eye.
2 This pen doesn't work. Have you got.....one?
3 There was a train accident yesterday but.....of the people were hurt.
4 This is the.....time I've seen this film. I saw it last year in London.
5 .....my parents are teachers.
6 Some people like to play sports......people prefer to watch.
7 .....the children in the school were given sweets.
8 The two boys were playing a game. One of them hid a ball and.....tried to find it.
9 Mary and her sister play the piano well but.....of them likes to sing.
10 The boy fell out of the tree and broke.....his legs.
11. Match the questions with the best responses.
1 Have you done your homework ( o)
2 Do you prefer the green jacket or the black one? ( )
3 Is there any ice cream left? ( )
4 Are your brothers at university? ( )
5 Would you like more coffee? ( )
6 Did you win the race? ( )
a) Yes, there's a little.
b) Yes, I'd love another cup.
c) I've done some of it.
d) No. I came second.
e) Well, I like both of them.
f) Yes, they're both students.
12. Complete the sentences with these words:
bargain, borrow, cash, discount, earn, price, lend, lose, save, spend, win
I like that jacket. What s the ……….please? It's & 40.
1 I didn't.....any money in the Lottery this week.
2 I haven't got any money with me. - Don't worry I can.....you & 5.
3 They.....all their money on clothes.
4 The price of the CD players includes 10%.....
5 Can I pay by cheque? - I prefer to have.....please.
6 I want to.....some money and buy a-new bicycle.
7 These shoes were a......They were &40 and I bought them for &20 in the Sale.
8 Every time I go to the casino, I.....all my money.
9 I've got/good job and I.....a lot of money.
10 Can I.....&10 please? I'll give it you back tomorrow.
13. Circle the correct alternative in the sentences.
He made a long speech and everyone was bored/boring.
1 The children are tired/tiring and want to go to bed.
2 They were amazed/amazing when I told them the news.
3 I've got an interested/interesting job because I travel a lot.
4 My brother had an excited/exciting holiday in Italy.
5 The teacher is satisfied/satifying because all the students work hard.
6 Is anything wrong? You look worried/worrying.
7 We enjoyed a relaxed/relaxing weekend.
8 The film was really bored/boring.
9 The children were excited/exciting because they were going on holiday.
10 He isn't interested/interesting in art.
14. Write the correct form of the Past Simple.
John: Where (go) …..you ……. yesterday?
Phil: I (1 go).....to the park with Sam. We (2 play).....tennis.John: (3 win).....Sam.....?
Phil: No. I (4 win).....and he (5 lose).....
15. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Continuous or Past Simple.
Sue (have) ……….. her birthday party last Saturday. When I (1 arrive)....., some people (2 dance)......Sue's young brother (3 cry).....because he (4 not like).....the music. Sue (5 want).....to have a barbecue in the garden, but it (6 rain).....so we (7 cook).....the food in the kitchen. While everybody (8 eat)....., we (9 sing).....
'Happy Birthday' and (10 give).....Sue her presents.
16. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.
Anna: I (get) ……. a letter from my English penfriend, Julie, yesterday.
Maria: That's nice. (1 meet).....you ever.....her?Anna: No, but we (2 speak).....on the phone. She (3 visit).....never.....our country and I (4 go).....never.....to England.
Maria: My French penfriend (5 come).....here last year and he (6 stay).....with my family for a month. I (7 not visit).....him yet. His family (8 invited).....me to stay with them next summer.
Anna: I (9 go).....to France two years ago with my parents and we (10 like).....it very much.
17. Circle the correct answer - a, b or c.Where a) do you go for your holiday?
(b ) did you go
c) were you going
1 I a) have watched a good video at the moment.
b) watchc) am watching
2 I a) have never seen him before in my life.
b) did not see
c) do not see
3 We a) were arriving at 9 o'clock.
b) have arrived
c) arrived4 They a) didn't finish yet.
b) haven't finished
c) weren't finishing
5 He a) was running fast when he fell,
b) ranc) has run
18. Complete the sentences with the correct preposition to make multi-part verbs.
I got…up…at 7 o'clock this morning.
1 Where does he come.....? Germany.
2 When the bus came, I got.....it and sat at the back of the bus.
3 Mr. Green has been on holiday. He's coming.....home tomorrow.
4 It was very late when we got.....the hotel.
5 My brother isn't going out.....Sue.
19. Put the words in the correct order and write sentences. Put in the correct punctuation.
London you have to been ever
Have you ever been to London?
1 her never I met have
2 yet homework they done not their have
3 a you yet have job got
4 competition ever you a won have?
5 I seen this already film have20. Complete the sentences with the correct personality adjective.
She always tells the truth. She is very honest
1 My young brother likes fighting. He is quite aq......
2 She is an in......student. She has passed nil her exams.
3 My aunt always gives us a present or some money when we visit her. She is very ge......
4 Everyone said the man was br.......... because he rescued the boy from the sea.
5 Don't laugh at her - she's very se......
20.Complete the sentences with the correct form of going to or will.
Fiona is studying medicine. She is going to be a doctor.
1 It’s 8.15pm and Alan is still in bed. He..........catch the 8.20 bus.
2 Computers are becoming important in everyday life. More people.....have a computer at home.
3 Mr and Mrs Black like living in Spain. I think they..... stay there.
4 I've bought this present for Sue. Do you think she......... like it?
5 This hairdryer is dangerous, I.....buy a new one.
6 Because you buy things on the Internet, I think there.....be many shops in the future.
7 Our basketball players are very good. I think they.....win the competition.
8 Simon has gone to the airport. He.....meet his parents. They have been on holiday.
9 Susan doesn't like parties. Personally, I think she.....come to your party.
10 Anna has bought some blue paint. She.....paint her bedroom.
21. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the First Conditional.
(not come/phone) If he doesn`t come I`ll phone him.
1 (have/feel) If she.....a holiday, she.....better.
2 (they come/rain?).....if it.....?
3 (help/pay) He.....us if we.....him.
4 (not help/not pay) He.....us if we.....him.
5 (ask/you go out?) If he.....you,.....with him?
6 (not tell/they be?) If we.....them,.....angry?
7 (you do/fail?) What.....if you.....the exam?
8 (miss/get) If they.....the bus, they.....a taxi.
9 (you go/ask?)…..to his party if he…..you.10 (you go/not be) where…..if they…..at home?
22. Complete the expressions with these words:
engineering, fiction, flooding, message, power, reality, shuttle, telescope, travel, warming, word
solar power
1space..... 6world.....
2 genetic..... 7virtual.....
3global..... 8e mail.....
4science..... 9hot.....
5 time..... 10 lunar.....
23. Match the parts and write Second Conditional sentences.
1 be rich (e )2 have a yacht ( )
3 be a good singer ( )
4 meet an English person ( )
5 go to America ( )
6 save more money ( )
7 be older ( )
8 be an astronaut ( )
9 see an elephant in my classroom ( )
10 not have any birthday cards on my birthday
11 live in Athens ( )
a) speak Greek
b) have more to spend
c) stay in New Yorkd) make a recording
e) have six cars
f) sail in the Mediterranean.
g) be unhappy
h) be very surprised
i) leave school
j) go to the Moon
k) speak English
24. Complete the sentences with the correct form of do or make.
Have you done, your homework?
1 My sister.....friends very quickly.
2 I didn't.....any mistakes in my homework.
3 My mother always.....the shopping on Friday morning.
4 We.....an English exam yesterday.
5 I'm going to.....a drink. Would you like tea or coffee?
6 Can you help me.....the dishes, please?
7 The children were.....a noise when they were playing in the garden.
8 He goes to the gym and.....exercises every day.
9 They all.....badly in the test last week.
10 I want to.....a phone call before we go out.
25. Complete the sentences with for or since.
1I haven't seen her for a long time.
1 He's been in hospital.....last month.
2 I stayed there.....a fortnight.
3 He's been very happy.....he started his new school.
4 I haven't heard from her.....Christmas.
5 We've known them.....years.
26. Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the Present Perfect.
Sandy: Hi, Carl. I'm phoning from France to wish you Happy Birthday.
Carl: Thanks. How long (go) have you,been you been there?
Sandy: I (1 go).....here since Saturday. The weather (2 not be).....very good but I (3 see).....a lot of places and I (4 speak)..... French all the time.Carl: (5 eat).....you.....any frog's legs yet?
Sandy: No, I haven't, what (6 have).....you.....for your birthday? Carl: My parents (7 buy).....me a new computer. I (8 send).....an e-mail to my friend in New Zealand.Sandy: Why (9 not send).....you.....one to me?
Carl: Because I (10 lose).....your e-mail address.
27. Write the comparative and superlative adjectives in the correct form.
Tony and Philip are twins but Tony is (tall) taller than Philip. In fact Tony is (1 tall).....boy in the class.Philip isn't (2 short).....boy in the class. Quite a few students are (3 short).....than Philip. Philip is (4 popular).....boy in the school and he's got a lot of friends. Tony (5 not friendly).....as Philip and so it is (6 difficult).....for him to make friends. Both brothers are studying languages. Philip is (7 good).....as Tony at
French but Tony is (8 good).....than Philip at German. Philip's (9 bad).....subject at school is art and this is Tony's (10 good).....subject.
28. Match the words to make hobbies and relaxing activities.
1 water ( ) a) racing
2 speedboat ( ) b) surfing
3 scuba ( ) c) watching
4 sun ( ) d) skating
5 wind ( ) e) sports
6 jet ( ) f) gliding
7 bird ( ) g) diving
8 mountain ( ) h) bathing
9 hang ( ) i) climbing
10 ice( ) j) skiing
29.Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.
The monster made a (terror) terrifying noise and frightened everyone.
1 There was some (mystery).....writing on the box.
2 He rescued the child and brought her to (safe).....
3 I'll come as (quick)..... as I can.
4 She always speaks very (clear).....
5 It was a (horrify).....sight.
6 He isn't a (violence)..... man.
7 The animal was (death).....when they found it.
8 What is the (long).....of the material?
9 The children were (exhaust).....when they got home.
10 He ran home and arrived (safe)…..
30. Put the letters in the correct order to make the names offish and animals.
ALES seal
1 AKHSR .....2 A C B R .....3 PING ENU .....4 PINOHLD .....5 ITSSHARF .....31. Look at the information. Complete the sentences using the Present Simple.
Saturday: 9 a.m. flight to Geneva (check in at 7 a.m.)
12 p.m. Arrival at hotel and lunch
2 p.m. Tour of the city
6 p.m. Dinner
8 p.m. theatre
(we/check in) We check in at 7 a. m. on Saturday.
1 (the flight/depart).....
2 (we arrive/hotel).....
3 (we have a city tour).....
4 (we have dinner).....
5 (we go/theatre)…..
32. Look at the diary. Answer the questions using the Present Continuous.
Monday; 10 a.m. dentist
1 p.m. meet Sue for lunch
3 p.m. tennis lesson
6 p.m. dinner with Jan
7.30 p.m. cinema with Jan
Are you going to the doctor at 10 o'clock? No, I`m going to the dentist at 10 o`clock?When are you meeting Sue?.....Who are you having lunch with?.....What are you doing at 3 o'clock?.....What time are you having dinner?.....Are you and Jan doing anything in the evening?.....33. Make sentences using going to.
(my brother/learn to drive/next year) My brother is lean to drive next year.
1 (he/have his hair cut tomorrow).....
2 (I/not have a birthday party/this year)
3 (we/visit my aunt/this evening).....
4 (we/not have/a holiday/this summer)..5 ([/not buy/any clothes/next month)....
34. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets using the Present Simple, Present Continuous or going to.
(learn) We're going to learn Spanish next year.
1 (start) The concert.....at 7.45 p.m.
2 (not do) I.....anything this evening.3 (arrive) What time.....the 9.20 train from Leeds……?
4 (work) I.....harder.
5 (help) I.....with the housework.
6 (end) The school term.....on December 20.
7 (be) I.....more polite.
8 (have) I.....a piano lesson tomorrow.
9 (perform) On 15 May, The Corrs.....in London.
10 (leave) Hurry. Its 6 o'clock and my bus.....at 6.30.35. Respond to the sentences using will.
I can't carry all these books, (help) I`ll help you.
The phone’s ringing, (answer)…..
I haven’t told Helen about the party, (tell)
I don’t know how to do this, (show)…..
I’ve forgotten the key. (get)…..
I haven’t posted my letters, (post)…..
36.Match the parts and make sentences using will.
1 As soon as I see her, I`ll tell her your news. (d)
2 When I leave school......( )
3 Before I go shopping......( )
4 As soon as I get home,.....( )
5 Before I go for the interview,.....( )
6 when I get a job,.....( )
a) go to the bank
b) buy a car
c) phone you
d) tell her your news
e) go to university
f) have my hair cut
37.Make compound nouns with these words: ballet, dance, floor, jockey, music, programme, disc, jocrey1 line..... 2 dance..... 3 tour..... 4 disco..... 5 classical.....
38.Put the letters in the correct order to make dance names.
A M A B S samba1 GIJ 2JEIV 3LOOK 4 ZATLW 5L0 P A K
39. Match the prepositions to the pictures and complete the sentences.
The ball is between the boxes.

40. Complete the sentences with the correct preposition: in, at or on.
I never listen to the radio in the morning.
1 The party finished.....midnight.
2 We usually wear boots.....the winter.
3 The boy went to steep.....the lesson.
4 Her birthday is.....April.
5 They are leaving.....2 June.
41. Complete the sentences with relative pronouns: who, that, where, whose. Put a dash (-) in the gap of he pronoun is not necessary.
bought the picture...... John painted.
1 I didn't buy the picture.....was Ј50.
2 Susan is the girl.....lent me some money.
3 A boy.....I know has got a pet monkey.
4 Mr Brown is the man.....car was stolen.
5 Is there a park near here.....we can play tennis?
6 This is the ring.....my sister lost.
7 The blue jacket is the one.....I want to buy.
8 John is the student.....Project was given full marks.
9 I don't know anyone.....liked that film.
10 This is the hotel…..we stayed last year.
42. Complete the definitions using these expressions:
wear on your head you see a lot of animals live next to you work in a hospital there are a lot of books you write with
A zoo is a place where you see a lot of animals.
1 A nurse..... 2 A library..... 3 A pen..... 4 A neighbor..... 5 A hat.....
43. Mark (x) for the odd-one-out in each group.
Style 1 colours2 subject
realistic bright landscape
war x soft realistic
pop round portrait
3 shapes 4 lines 5 position
light abstract background
geometric wavy centre
square clear round
44. Put the letters in the correct order to make materials.
L E A T M metal1 TO ENS… 2 SALSG… 3 W D OO… 4 B A RM EL... 5 OCCE E RNT…
45.Complete the sentences with the correct type of home.
1 She wants to live in a small c.....In the country.
2 There is a wonderful view from my f.....on the tenth floor.
3 A d.....house is not joined to another house.
4 A s.....d.....house is joined to another house.
5 Am.....is a very big house.
46. Write the British English words for these American words.
Garbage rubbish
1 vacation..... 2 subway..... 3 first floor..... 4 elevator..... 5 truck.....
Test 1. (Intermediate) Initial test Choose the best answer(s). One or more answer may be correct.
This is__________________universal truth.
a) an b) a c) one d) the
2. I like ___________________grey cats.
a) all b) any c) the d) (nothing)
3. What are ________________buildings over there.a) the b) these c) that d) those
4. ________________________ is your phone number?
a) which b) what c) how
5. Where___________________?
a) does he live b) does he lives c) he lives
6. Today is__________________that it was yesterday.
a) more hot b) hoter c) hotter
7. He is much shorter___________.
a) than me b) that me c) than I am d) as me
8. Look! My brother____________.a) comes b) come c) is coming
9. I'm sure he, ________________us yet.a) didn't see b) hasn't seen c) hasn't looked
10. When_____________________him?
a) have you seen b) did you see c) you saw
11.When John came, I__________ TV a) have you seen b) did you see c) you saw
12. Hockey,___________in winter.
a) watch b) was watching c) watched
13.1 have been looking for you__________the morning.
a) played b) is playing c) is played
14. Stay here till he___________________.
a) comes b) come c) will come
15. If it__________________, we may go swimming.
a) don't rain b) doesn't rain c) won't rain
16. _____________________ a spot on my blouse.
a)There's b) This is c) There is d)It is ) Is
17.1 haven't got. _____________ omney with me.
a) no b) some c) any
18.I________________________ to Kiev.
a) have never been b) never have been c) have been never
19. You__________________ do anything you like,
a) must b) have to c) may
20. ______________________ Cliristmas Day I got many presents..
a) at b) on c) in
Test 2. (Intermediate) Tenses. Revision Choose the proper form of the verb.
1.Barbara Lively______________________a lot of books.
wrote b) have written c ) has written
2. She_____________ her first book fifteen years ago.
a) writes b) has written c) write
3.__________________________you ever_______________________Italian foog?
a) do try b) did try c) have tried
4. I______________________in Glasgow for six years now and don't ant to more.
a) live b) have lived c) lived
5.He______________________ in Paris for three years? And then in 1988 he
_________________ to Lion.
a) lived, moved b) have lived c) lived, has moved
6."Why you______________________?" - "I______________________my watch"
a) cry, lost b) do you cry, have lost c) do find, have bought
7. She_____________________very nice with her hair up.
a) looks b) is looking c) look
8.You always_____________________the same mistake.
I_____________________ it several times already.a) make, correct b) are making, have corrected.

Test 3. (Intermediate) Conditional Sentences
Complete the sentences with the proper verb form.
1. What would you do if you yourself on a deserted? (find)
2. Will you go out tonight if he_________you? (invite)
3. You the exam if you don't work hard, (not pass)
4. I wouldn't buy this dress if I_________you. (be)
5. If it rains, we_________at home. (stay)
6. If I didn't have to go to school, I _______________ happy. (be)
7. If I___________his address, I would write to him.
8. If he phoned me, I___________very glad. (be)
9. If he___________, I won't answer the phone. (phone)
10. John __________________ more if he had more time. (read)
11. If he came,he__________me. (help)
12. If we lived in the country, I_____________a dog. (have)
13. If I_____________an exam tomorrow, I could go out today. (not have)
15. If I_____________a job, I'll earn some mone. (find)

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