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Рей БредбериУченика 7В классаКинзина Эдуарда Childhood and youthRay Bradbury was born August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois. The second name - Douglas - he was named after the faIn 1937, Bradbury came to Los Angeles, "the League of science fiction," which was one of the many associations of young writers, actively arose in reviving the Great Depression America. Bradbury Stories began to be published in cheap magazines had published a lot of fantastic prose, often of insufficient quality.mous actor Douglas Fairbanks that time. While Bradbury worked, gradually honing literary skill and creating individual style. In 1939-1940. he published a mimeographed magazine "Futura Fantasia", which first began to think about the future and the risks. Altogether four numbers of the magazine for two years. By 1942, Bradbury finally stopped selling newspapers and completely switched to literary earnings, creating up to 52 stories per year . Then Bradbury also actively followed the development of science and technology, visited the World's Fair in Chicago and the World's Fair in New York .In 1946, in a bookstore in Los Angeles he met Bradbury worked there McClure Margaret (Maggie, Marguerite McClure, January 16, 1922 - November 24, 2003), which later became the love of his life. September 27, 1947 Maggie and Ray were married ,which lasted until the death of McClure in 2003, gave birth to four daughters in marriage: Bettina, Ramona, Susan Alexander. By McClure drawn the dedication of the author in "The Martian Chronicles" novel: "My wife Margaret and sincere love." World fame Bradbury after the publication of the novel "Fahrenheit 451" .The novel was first published in the recently published magazine Playboy. In the novel, Bradbury showed a totalitarian society in which any book to be burned. In 1966, film director Francois Truffaut filmed novel by releasing a full-length film "Fahrenheit 451"Cinema in general played an important role in the life of a writer: he created a number of scripts for films, the most famous of which is considered the "Moby Dick". Bradbury also could become a famous writer tape Hitchcock's "The Birds", but at the time was occupied by the TV series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", so could not take another projectRay Bradbury was the author and presenter of TV cycle of the 65 mini-films based on his stories. The cycle called "The Ray Bradbury Theater" and went from 1985 to 1992The writer spoke about his meeting with the Soviet director Sergei Bondarchuk, when he was represented by the film "War and Peace", which became the winner of the "Oscar": there were a lot of well-known directors, and Bondarchuk came and learned some of them: Becoming a popular writer, Bradbury continued to actively write, working a few hours each day. In 1957 he published his book "Dandelion Wine", to which he then wrote a sequel titled "Farewell Summer" . However, the editors refused to publish a sequel, citing the "immaturity" of the text: the writer has released the second part only in 2006, after half a century after the first .The novel "Dandelion Wine" as "The Martian Chronicles" was made up of individual stories, some of which had already been published. This book however is a more integral work than "The Chronicles ... '. "Dandelion Wine" is considered the most autobiographical novel, Bradbury, with the author's traits can be seen in two characters - brothers Tom and Douglas Spaulding living in the town of Green Town, a prototype of which was native to Bradbury Waukegan . Being quite an old man, every morning Bradbury began to work on the manuscript of the next story or the story, believing that another new work will prolong his life.Books coming out almost every year. The last major novel, was released in 2006, before the release received strong customer demand. In 79 years, Bradbury had a stroke , after which all his later years was confined to wheelchair Bradbury has died after a long illness June 5, 2012 in Los Angeles at the age of 91

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