Упражнения для тренировки английских фразовых глаголов

Phrasal Verbs
1. To be (was/were)
To be about – быть поблизости, неподалёку
To be against– быть против
To be back – вернуться
To be behind – иметь задолженность
To be for – быть за, поддерживать
To be in – быть в помещении (дома, на работе)
To be off – быть свободным от работы, отмененным
To be on – идти, демонстрироваться (о фильме)
To be out / away – уйти, отсутствовать на месте
To be over – закончиться
To be through – завершить ч-л
To be up – встать, проснуться / истечь (о времени)
To be up to… - зависеть от к-л
“The lesson is …”, the teacher said.
An interesting film is …at our club.
Are you…or …this idea?
She is… in the rent for her flat.
The flight was…and the passengers were sitting in the terminal.
Can you tell me when he’ll be…?
Sorry, Ann is … at the moment.
We’ll be…with this work in 2 days.
Your time is…, start your answer.
I’ve just seen him, he must be somewhere …
I can’t help, it’s …you to solve this problem.
2. To break (broke / broken)
1. To break down – сломаться, выйти из строя
2. To break off – обрывать, внезапно прекращать
3. To break out – неожиданно начаться, вспыхнуть (о пожаре, войне, ссоре)
4. To break up – прекращать занятия, закрываться / разгонять, расходиться
5. To break with – отказаться от ч-л, порвать с к-л 1) It’s difficult for him to break…his old bad habits.
2) The machine has broken…
3) The lyceum will break… in June.
4) A fire broke …during the night.
5) They broke …the conversation.
3. To bring (brought / brought)
1. To bring about – вызвать, стать причиной (ссоры)
2. To bring back – напомнить ч-л
3. To bring down – снижать (цену / отметку)
4. To bring in – внести ч-л, / приносить доход / упоминать, приводить
5. To bring out – публиковать, выпускать в свет / выявлять
6. To bring over – переубедить
7. To bring round – приходить в себя
8. To bring up – воспитывать
1) She brought…four children.
2) It’s not an easy thing to bring him…
3) Nobody could guess what brought…the quarrel.
4) The story brought …the days of their friendship.
5) A glass of cold water soon brought her…
6) When are they going to bring… your new book?
7) These mistakes have brought…your mark.
8) Don’t forget to bring… the suitcase.
9) You should bring…all the details.
10) I don’t know how much the new factory will bring…
4. To call
1. To call at – заезжать, заходить
2. To call for – требовать, взывать к ч-л
3. To call in – вызывать, приглашать для консультации
4. To call off – отменять
5. To call on – заходить к к-л
6. To call out – объявлять, выкрикивать
7. To call to – кричать к-л 8. To call up – звонить / призывать в армию
9. To call upon / on - обращаться к к-л., призывать
1) The committee called… the workers to stop the strike.
2) He called… gardener to open the gates.
3) He will call…the office later.
4) When did he call …you last?
5) When the son got ill, they called…the doctor.
6) I’ll call…him and we’ll go to the party.
7) The flight was called…
8) He called…each name twice.
9) Young people are called…at the age of 18.
5. To clear
1. To clear away – убрать со стола
2. To clear out – очищать, убирать
3. To clear up – приводить в порядок / выяснить / проясняться (о погоде)
1) Let’s wait till the weather clears …
2) Who will clear the table…?
3) I think he has already cleared everything…
4) The room needs clearing…after the party.
6. To come (came / come)
To come across – случайно встретиться, натолкнуться на ч-л
To come along – идти с к-л, сопровождать
To come back – вернуться
To come from – быть родом
To come down – снижаться
To come in – войти
To come off – оторваться, отлететь
To come on – пойдём, Come on! – Живей! / Вперёд! (на стадионе)
To come out – появляться в печати
To come over – охватить, овладеть / прийти в голову
To come to… - прийти в голову (об идее)
To come up with - придумать идею, план
To come up – приближаться, подходить
Suddenly a fear came …me.
Come… or we’ll be late!
He came …a brilliant idea.
When does her new book come…?
May I come…?
Where did you come…?
A very interesting idea came … my mind.
I came …this book in a little shop.
Come …here. I want to talk to you.
Come… with us, or you’ll miss the bus.
The button has come… my coat.
The plane came…and the passengers got off.
When did she come…from her trip?
7. To cut (cut / cut)
1.To cut down – сокращать, урезать
2. To cut in – вмешиваться, вставлять замечания
3. To cut off – разъединять, отрезать, выключать
4. To cut out – вырезать, кроить / выбрасывать
5. To cut out for- быть созданным для ч-л
1) Не is cut…for an actor.
2) We have to cut…our expenses.
3) The electricity was cut…for several hours.
4) Stop cutting…with your remarks.
5) She has already cut…her skirt.
6) The editor cut…the last paragraph.
8. To do (did/done)
To do away with – покончить с ч-л
To do out – убрать, вычистить
To do up – застёгивать, прихорашиваться
To do with – хотеть, нуждаться
To do without – обойтись без ч-л
I think we can do… a dictionary.
I am hungry, I could do…a sandwich.
Jane did herself…for the party.
Dan never did… his coat, even in winter.
She is doing …her house for the birthday party.
It won’t be easy to do …with this bad habit.
9. To fall (fell / fallen)
1. To fall back - отступать 2. To fall behind – отставать, запаздывать
3. To fall off – уменьшаться
4. To fall on - нападать на к-л 5. To fall out with – ссориться
6. To fall through – потерпеть неудачу
1) He fell …with his family and went away.
2) The output has been falling …for 2 months.
3) The troops had to fall …
4) All their plans fell …because she had fallen ill.
5) He fell…the others to write a dictation.
6) When I told that I wouldn’t do it, they all fell…me.
10. To find(found / found)
To find fault with – придираться к к-л
To find oneself – найти себя(свой талант)
To find out – выяснять, обнаруживать
You can’t trust him until you find everything…
He found… after graduating from the university.
She’s unpleasant. She always finds… people.
11. To get (got / got)
To get about – ездить, путешествовать
To get along / on with – жить / поживать / ладить с к-л
To get at – добраться до
To get away – уходить, убегать, спастись
To get smth back – получить ч-л назад, вернуться
To get down – приняться за ч-л
To get off = out of – сойти, слезть (о транспорте)
To get on / in / into – сесть на (о транспорте) / в машину
To get over – выздороветь, оправиться после болезни
To get through – преодолеть ч-л, закончить дело, сдать экзамен
To get together – собираться, встречаться
To get up – вставать, подниматься
We got… the seaside early in the morning.
If he gets … early, he’ll come on time.
Get… this bus and get … in 5 stops.
The woman has got… her bag after the flight.
The students have got … all the exams and went home.
It was too hard for her to get… after the illness.
The more we get .., the happier we’ll be.
My aunt got…the world on board the ship.
How do they get…? Pretty well.
A thief couldn’t get… from the police.
They got …to work and did everything quickly.
12.To give (gave / given)
To give away – отдавать / раздавать, дарить
To give back – возвращать
To give in – уступать
To give out – раздавать (учебники)
To give up – отказаться от ч-л
1) He had to give… smoking as he got sick.
2) Give …the textbooks.
3) They gave… their food for free at the funfair.
4) “I give…”, said the boy.
5) Give me…the book in 2 days, please.
13. To go (went / gone)
To go about – распространяться
To go by – проходить (о времени)
To go by – ездить на к-л виде транспорта
To go in for – заниматься / увлекаться
To go off – погаснуть / испортиться
To go on – продолжать
To go out – уйти из дома
To go through – испытать, пережить
To go with – гармонировать, подходить к ч-л
To go without – обойтись без ч-л
Your handbag should go…your gloves and shoes.
Mike doesn’t go…sports.
She went …, time was going …but nobody saw her anymore.
The news went … very quickly.
My grandparents have gone … lots of hardships during the war.
5) The meeting went…. for 2 hours.
6) The lights went… and the film began.
7) I think that to go there …train will be more comfortable.
8) You may take this book. I can easily go …it for a month.
14. To hold (held / held)
1. To hold back – прятать, сдерживать
2. To hold on – подождать у телефона(не вешать трубку)
3. To hold out – держаться, упорствовать
4. To hold up – останавливать, задерживать
1) The partisans hold …for 6 days.
2) The policeman hold…the traffic.
3) She could hardly hold …the tears.
4) Hold…! Mr.Smith will speak to you!
15. To keep (kept / kept)
1. To keep at – настойчиво делать ч-л
2.To keep away – держаться в стороне от ч-л3. To keep back – задерживать, скрывать ч-л
4. To keep from – воздерживаться от ч-л
5. To keep in – не выходить, оставаться в помещении
6. To keep off – не затрагивать , воздерживаться от ч-л
7. To keep on – продолжать делать ч-л
8.To keep out of – не вмешиваться
9. To keep to – придерживаться ч-л
10. To keep up with– не отставать от, держаться наравне
1) After his illness the boy couldn’t keep …with the class.
2) Keep …it, my boy!
3) You should keep…playing football.
4) The doctor advised him to keep…meat for some time.
5) They were kept …by a heavy rain.
6) You should keep your car…
7) I’ll keep …nothing from you.
8) Keep…with this work.
9) Keep …the topic of the conversation.
10) You’d better keep …the quarrel.
16. To let (let/let)
1. To let down – подвести к-л, оставить в беде
2. To let in – впускать
3. To let into – посвящать в тайну
4. To let off – отпустить, освободить от ч-л
5. To let on – выдать секрет
6. To let out – выпустить ч-л (воду)
1) Don’t let… about his arrival.
2) If you don’t tell the truth, you will let me … badly.
3) Let the water …of the bath-tub.
4) Let the cat…, please.
5) They let him…with a fine.
6) I am not going to let her…the secret.
17. To look
To look after- заботиться, ухаживать за к-л, ч-л
To look around – осмотреться
To look at - смотреть на
To look back – вспоминать ч-л
To look down on smb. – смотреть свысока на к-лTo look for – искать
To look forward to – ждать с нетерпением ч-л
To look in – навещать, заходить
Look out! – Осторожно! Берегись!
To look through – просматривать ч-л с целью поиска информации
To look up – искать, смотреть (в словаре)
Look…! There is a car coming.
Could you look … my dog while I am on vacation.I’ll look…and see you next week.
If you don’t know the word, look it … in the dictionary.
Have you seen my mobile phone? I’m looking … it everywhere.
Look … this picture, please.
I looked …and saw many beautiful pictures.
He is so arrogant: he always looks …all the people.
I‘ve looked… lots of books so as to write a report.
At the end of the letter we usually write: “I’m looking…to seeing you soon”.
My granny likes to look…the old photos in the album and looks …the past.
18. To make (made / made)
1. To make for – содействовать, способствовать ч-л
2. To make out – разобрать (на слух или зрительно), понять, уяснить
3. To make up – составить, приготовить
4. To make up to- заискивать перед к-л 1) It’s difficult to make …the meaning of the sentence.
2) This work will make …good relations between our countries.
3) Nobody respects those who make …to influential people.
4) Make… a dialogue, please.
19. To put (put / put)
To put aside – отложить (в сторону)
To put away – убирать, прятать
To put back – ставить на место
To put down – записывать
To put forward – предложить (идею)
To put off – отложить / задержать
To put on – надевать одежду / обувь
To put on weight – толстеть, набирать вес
To put out – потушить (огонь)
To put up – вывешивать (объявление)
To put up with – примириться с к-лClose your books and put them…
The teachers will put a notice…about the new courses.
I don’t want to put…any more weight!
Can you put the book …when you have finished with it?
He is very active: he always puts… a lot of new ideas.
Take your notebooks and put…all the words that are on the board.
Mr. White put …his trip to Washington until next month.
Mary is not ready yet. She hasn’t put her dress …
Never put … till tomorrow what you can do today.
The boys put …quickly after the quarrel.
My mother puts all warm clothes…in summer.
It took three fire fighters to put the fire…
20. To run (ran / run)
To run after – преследовать к-лTo run away – сбежать, уклоняться, избегать ч-л
To run down – остановиться (о часах)
To run into – случайно встретиться с к-лTo run off – убежать (о жидкости)
To run out of – закончиться, истощить запас ч-л
To run over – задавить (транспортом)
To run the business / the financial side – вести бизнес / финансовые дела
Mr. Brown is the owner of the restaurant, and his wife runs...
The police officers were running…the criminal, and he couldn’t run …from them.
3) Yesterday I ran…my friend whom I haven’t seen since we left school.
4) Why are you so upset? – My kitten was run… by a car.
5) I’ll have to go to the baker’s as we’ve run…of bread.
6) The milk has run…, I have to clean the stove.
7) My watch ran… and I was late for my classes.
21. To see (saw/seen)
1. To see about – позаботиться о ч-л, навести справки
2. To see off – провожать отъезжающих
3. To see out- проводить из помещения
4. To see to – присмотреть за ч-л
1) Will you see me…?
2) He promised to see … the matter.
3) I’ll see…your luggage.
4) We’ll see you… at the airport.
22. To set (set/set)
1. To set about – начинать, приступать
2. To set aside – откладывать
3. To set in – наступить, начаться
4. To set off / out – отправляться
5. To set up – воздвигать
1) They set…on a trip.
2) He set…building his summer house.
3) The monument was set …in the centre of the town.
4) Winter sets…very early in this place.
5) I’ve set... some books for you.
23. To take (took / taken)
To take after – быть похожим на
To take away – уносить, забирать
To take back – возвращать
To take a bus – сесть на…
To take down – снять (со стены, полки) / записывать под диктовку
To take off – снять (одежду, обувь) / оторваться от земли, взлететь
To take pictures – фотографировать
To take over – брать под управление
To take up – браться за ч-л
The shop has been taken… by a foreign company,
The son took …his father .You should take the book… to the library in a week.
I’ve taken … stamp collecting and it’s really interesting.
He took the picture … and gave it to me.
Don’t take …your sweater, it’s cold.
We took… and got off in 10 minutes.
Let’s watch the planes taking …while we wait.
Have they taken the things …?
He is a talented photographer, he has been taking…from his childhood.
24. To talk
1. To talk back – возражать, дерзить
2. To talk into – уговорить 3. To talk out of – отговорить
4. To talk over – обсудить
1) Let’s talk this…
2) Don’t talk…!
3) He talked his son … it.
4) He talked his parents …buying a new bicycle.
25.To turn
To turn around - оглянуться
To turn back – вернуться к ч-л
To turn down – убавить (звук / свет)
To turn on / off – вкл / выклTo turn inside out – выворачиваться наизнанку
To turn into – превратиться во ч-л
To turn out – оказаться, обнаружиться
To turn over – переключить (канал), перевернуть (лист)
To turn to…for… - обратиться к к-л за ч-л
To turn up – появляться
To turn upside down – перевернуть вверх дном
You’ll have to turn…tomorrow. It’s very important for us.
He turned… and saw all his friends.
3) One must always have somebody to turn…help.
4) If you don’t turn… your music, I’ll have a headache.
5) When leaving, don’t forget to turn…the gas.
6) Let us turn… to this discussion at the next lesson.
7) The plane was turned … on the stamp.
8) Turn…the page and read the text.
9) As it turned… later, he knew English very well.
10) When we got up the next morning, snow turned …water.
11) He turned… …but nothing helped.
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