Презентация по английскому языку на тему Выдающиеся люди англо-говорящих стран

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Outstanding people of the english-speaking countries Match the country and its flag The UK 1) Australia 2) The USA 3) Canada 4) New Zealand 5) (The USA). Guess the names of these countries. 1) It’s one of the most powerful and advanced countries in the world. It is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the East and by the Pacific Ocean in the West. What is it? (Canada) Guess the names of these countries. 2) It is the second largest country in the world. There are two official languages in this country English and French. (Great Britain) Guess the names of these countries. 3) This country is an island state. It’s not very big, but it’s very beautiful. There are a lot of places of interest. (New Zealand) Guess the names of these countries. 4) It’s a small and quiet country in the Pacific Ocean. The official languages are English and Maori. This country is sometimes called “The World’s Biggest Farm” (Australia) Guess the names of these countries. 5) This country occupies a whole continent. It has strange animals and plants. It’s very far from our country. Sometimes this country is called “The Lucky country”. Say the British variant of the word and find an American version of this word British American a flat a can a lift an elevator a tin a candy a sweet an apartment a form a movie the tube the subway a cinema vacation postman mailman Holidays a grade Translate the following words Painter Scientist Writer Architect Teacher Musician Poet Politician presidents, doctors, scientists, prime ministers, poets, singers, writers, dancers Answer the questions: Who improved our life? Who found cures for serious diseases? Who made progress in different fields (medicine, computer technologies, and space discoveries)? Who made our life more interesting and beautiful? physicist swimmer teacher writer violinist painter Finish the sentences. Isaac Newton discovered some important laws of physics. He was a well-known ...... My friend can swim very well. He is a good ...... His elder sister works at school, she is a ...... Charlotte Bronte wrote novels about love and hate. She is a ....... « I don’t want to play the violin. I don’t want to be a ....... » - the boy cried. J. Turner drew ruined abbeys and castles. He was a ...... What outstanding people do you know? Charles Chaplin Margaret Christie John R.R. Thatcher Joseph Shakespeare William Darwin Diana Spencer Johann Kennedy Agatha Defoe Charlie Strauss his books C. Darwin his poems and plays M. Twain her detective stories J. Lennon his theory of evolution W. Shakespeare his songs C. Chaplin his films D. Defoe A. Christie Is famous for Say what these people are famous for. Look at the definition of the word FAMOUS Famous – a person or a place known about by many people in many places.And study the examplesa famous actor Many famous people have stayed in the hotel. The Eiffel Tower is a famous landmarkWhat examples with the word Famous can you give? WHAT FAMOUS PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW? Look at the pictures and answer the questions DO YOU KNOW THESE FAMOUS PEOPLE? WHAT IS HIS NAME? Elvis Presley Johann Strauss John F.Kennedy WHAT IS HE FAMOUS FOR? He was a president a ballet dancer a composer DO YOU KNOW THESE FAMOUS PEOPLE? WHAT IS HER NAME? Elizaberth II Diana Marie Curie WHAT IS SHE FAMOUS FOR? She was a queen a princess a scientist DO YOU KNOW THESE FAMOUS PEOPLE? WHAT IS HIS NAME? Elvis Presley Johann Strauss John F.Kennedy WHAT IS HE FAMOUS FOR? He was a president a ballet dancer a composer DO YOU KNOW THESE FAMOUS PEOPLE? WHAT IS HER NAME? Elizaberth II Elizaberth I Diana WHAT IS SHE FAMOUS FOR? She is a queen a princess a scientist DO YOU KNOW THESE FAMOUS PEOPLE? WHAT IS HIS NAME? Elvis Presley John F.Kennedy Rudolf Nureyev WHAT IS HE FAMOUS FOR? He was a ballet dancer a composer a singer The British people are proud of their great compatriots. Among them are the author of the origin of species Charles Darwin, the creator of classical physics Isaac Newton, the playwright and the poet William Shakespeare, the writers Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle, the actor and the cinema producer Charlie Chaplin. Charles Darwin Isaac Newton Shakespeare Agatha Christie Arthur Conan Doyle Charlie Chaplin "Guess who this person is?" Charlie Chaplin He was born in London in 1889. Later he lived in the USA. He was a film actor. He had a funny way of working. Agatha Christie She was born in 1891. She wrote the 75 detective stories. She died in 1976. She was known as the Queen of Crime. Margaret Thatcher A well known British Politician. She was the first woman Prime Minister of Britain. She was called “An Iron Lady”. Charles Darwin A great English scientist. He studied many different kinds of plants and animals. He built up his own theory of evolution. Horatio Nelson He was a British flag officer famous for his participation in the Napoleonic Wars, most notably in the Battle of Trafalgar, during which he lost his life. His monument stands in the centre of Trafalgar Square. Queen Elizabeth II She is the Queen of sixteen independent countries and their territories. She holds the crown of each country separately, but she lives in the United Kingdom. She has reigned for 61 years. Leonardo Da Vinchy He was born in Italy in1452. He is one of the greatest representatives of Italian art. He was a painter, a sculptor, a musician, a poet, an architector and scientist. «The Beatles» is the most 1)…...group in rock music history. One of «The Beatles» was John Lennon. He 2)……… in Liverpool in 1940. He 3)…………music. He formed pop group «The Beatles» in 1962. John Lennon was the Beatles’ heart. He 4)………… his songs «Woman», «Imagine», «Yesterday». People 5)…………them. Most of their … were about love. British people 6)………him. Speak about famous British people using the box. e v e n t d u c a t i o n down across s i e n t i s t i m p o r a n t c o p o s e d i c o v e r f a a m o u s r e c r d a u i t i o n p o f e s s o r p h y i c s c a r e e h e m i s t r y a d i r e 1.событие 2.ученый 9.образование 10.важный 3.сочинять музыку 4.фанат 11.известный 5.Записывать звук 12. делать открытие 6.прослушивание 13.физика 7.профессор 14.карьера 8.химия 15.восхищаться Home task Your homework was to make a short report about one of the famous persons of our Republic, to make a presentation or to find pictures and photos and tell us about a person you are proud of.

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