English plan My favourite subject

The plan of the lesson
Time & day: 15.12.2015y.
Grade: 3 “e”
Theme: My favourite subject
The aims:
To explain children the new lesson about school subject. To introduce the name of subject by vocabulary and organize their practicing in speech. To make children describe their school things and subjects. To do exercises oral, writing, reading. To make up dialogue, to do action, role- plays, let’s plays. To practice children’s counting. To teach children to answer the question “What is your favourite subject? ”, “What subject do you like?”. To develop pupils skills, habits and memory by logical task.
The type: Mixed
The kind: Competition
Methods: play, answer-question, action, dialogue
Visual aids: Interactive board, pictures, books, things, toys, stick, balloon
Organization moment
A song
T: - Good afternoon, children!
P:- Good afternoon, teacher!
T:- How are you?
P:- We are fine! Thank you.
Check up hometask
A song
“Happy birthday”
P1: Why are we sing song?
P2: Beacouse this theme our home task.
P1: When is your birthday?
P2: My birthday is------------.
New lesson
T: Our new lesson is competition. It has 3 groups. But, each group must find own name.(by number’s card).
I group-“Clever”
II group-“Talent”
III group-“Knowledge”
Competition consist 5 tasks. Each tasks you must give marks. Marks give you guests teachers. If you answer the questions very correctly will be winner.
Task 1
New words
(To find the new words by count)
10-9=? 4+1=?
English- ағылшын тілі
Russian- орыс тілі
Kazakh-қазақ тілі
P.E.-дене тәрбиесі
Subject-сабақ, пән
Task 2
Role-play “School shop”
(Give me please…)
Task 3
How do you read and write?
To read (by loto)
Th-З-This is
To write (Make the sentences)
My, his, her –pictures
Words- My, subject, English, is, favourite…...
Task 4
Let’s play!
“Magic boy, magic stick” (Help me please… )
Magic boy said: I like English--------------
I group (by thing)
II group ( by word)
III group (by action)
Logical task 5
A)“What subject is not?”
B) “My favourite subject”(full the chart)
T: Our competition lesson is over. I give you a word our guest teacher, you please, tell us“What group is winner?” . Children you are very active today. Thank you for your work. Teachers and guests thank you for your attention. See you soon, have a good day! Good-Bye!
The end
My favourite subject
English Kazakh Russian Art Maths P.E. Music
Nabieva Akerke Seidakhmetova Nurly Artenbekova Zhanel Umirbek Anel Kurmanaev Adilet Bagdaulet Amina Murat Dias Bakytzhan Baktiyar Asylkhan Ansar Aidarbekuly Asylzhan Zhanaev Sabyrzhan
School N144 by named Saktapbergen Alzhikov

My favourite subject
(Demonstration lesson)
Grade: 3 “e”
Responsible: Muzapparova A.

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