Открытое урок My school lunch box

Plan of the lesson
The theme: My school lunch box The grammar theme of the lesson is “Countable and Uncountable nouns” Date: Grade: 5 “ә” The aims of the lesson: to develop pupils’ habits and skills in speaking, reading and writing; to develop their thinking abilities; to practice them to memorize active vocabulary A. Educational: to work using new words and grammar B. Developing: to teach answering the questions and to develop translation abilities C. Bring up: to educate them to be helpful Visual aids: an interactive board, slides, pictures and cards, tape recorder, slides and etc. Type of lesson: traditional lesson Plan of the lesson:I. Organization moment II Phonetic drillIII. Checking homeworkIV. New themeV. Grammar practice VI. Brainstorming VII. GameVIII. Conclusion
I. Organization momen of the lesson: - Good afternoon children! How are you? Who is on duty today? Who is absent today? What date is it today? What day is it today? What weather like today?
II. Phonetic drill Singing a song ♪♫
III. Checking home task - What was your home task for today?- Are you ready? The home task AB page29 Ex:5,7 Ex:5 Grammar Look, read and circle the correct words. Fiddle: Ok, Sticks. What have we got? Sticks: Look! We’ve got three sandwiches and we’ve got a mobile phone! Fiddle: Great. Have we got any sweets? Sticks: No, we haven’t. But we have got some chocolate bars. Yes, we’ve got four chocolate bars. Fiddle: And you’ve got some purse! Sticks: Yes, I’ve got a purse, but I haven’t got any money
Ex:7 Reading and writing Look at the list and complete the text about Freya 1) oranges 3 3) money ˅ 5) stickers x 7) hairbrush ˅ 2) notebooks 2 4) tissues x 6) comb ˅ 8) teddy bear x
Freya’s got three _oranges_ and two _notebooks_ . She’s got some _money__ but she hasn’t got any tissues. She _hasn’t got any _stickers_ . She’s got a comb_ and a __hairbrush___ but she hasn’t got a _teddy bear__.
IV. New themeSo today, we’ll continue our theme about My school lunch box …. Open your copybooks, write down the date of todayThe 30th of JanuaryMy school lunch box Teacher
In British Secondary schools, children usually choose between a lunch provided by the school or a packed lunch taken from here. Pupils from low income families get a free school meal, but most children pay for theirs. Some pupils also go to buy food at the shops in the area and a few go home for lunch. There is currently a big public campaign to make both packed and cooked school lunches as healthy as possible Do you have lunch in a box? Who brings in school lunch box every day? Sometimes we eat in school canteen. Our school very nice. Children of different ages eat in different time. The youngest children (1 - 4 forms) eat after the fourth lesson, and the pupils of a high school (10 - 11 forms) eat at any time.
Saving money on food is considered to be essential. Unfortunately someone prefers to save their money that means they kill their health. Don`t besilly! It`s awful! I think everybody must eat at school because it is a way to a healthy life. In our canteen have much tasty and cheap food. The most popular food is a pizza , a hot dog , a cabbage. Our canteen have tea , coffee , a milk, juice and so on. In our canteen has delicious food. But we have not fast food because it’s unhealthy for children’s health. Don’t a lowed for children
Do you go to school? - What subjects do you learn? - Do you like our school? - What is your favourite school subject? -Would you like food? - What do you think about your school canteen? Answer the question My school is great. Especially I like my sport lessons. My favorite spots are basketball, volleyball, ping - pong and football. I like our school’s canteen. I go to school 6 times a week. Our lessons begin at 14:00 o’clock. Every day we have six lessons. On Saturday we have only five lessons. Every lesson lasts 45 minutes. After third lesson we have lunch. I have eat sandwich, cake, biscuits. Our lessons finish at 18:30 o’clock. I want to thank all the workers for tasty food, for pure ware and for good attitude.
V.Grammar Countable and uncountable noun
A noun can be countable or uncountable. Countable nouns can be "counted", they have a singular and plural form .
For example:
A book, two books, three books .....
An apple, two apples, three apples ....Uncountable nouns (also called mass nouns or noncount nouns) cannot be counted, they are not separate objects. This means you cannot make them plural by adding -s, because they only have a singular form. It also means that they do not take a/an or a number in front of them.
For example:
Countable(use a/an or a number in front of countable nouns) Uncountable(there is no a/an or number with uncountable nouns)
An Apple / 1 Apple RiceI eat an apple every day. I eat rice every day. (not I eat a rice every day.)
Add (s) to make a countable noun plural There is no plural form for an uncountable noun
applesriceI eat an apple every day. Apples are good for you. I eat rice every day. Rice is good for you.
New words Look at the blackboard. Open the vocabulary note book and write down new words orange- [ˈɔrənʤ]-апельсин ham sandwiches- [hæm ˈsændwɪʧɪz]- бутербродов с ветчиной yoghurt- [ ˈjɒɡ.ət ]- йогурт biscuits- [ˈbɪskəts]- печенье chicken-[ˈʧɪkən]-курица salad-[sæləd]- салат chocolate bar-[ˈʧɔklət bɑr] – плит шоколад cheese sandwich- [ʧiz ˈsændwɪʧ]- бутерброда сыра cake- [keɪk]- пирожное, торт apple-[ˈæpəl]- яблоко crisps- [krɪsps]- чипсы
Ex:1 Picture search Word games Ex: Picture search
Find the words in the pictures in Activity 2. Put the countable and uncountable noun
a yoghurt-1
two ham sandwiches-1
an orange-3
some biscuits-1
some chicken-3
some salad-3
a chocolate bar-2
a cheese sandwich-2
some cake-2 an apple-3
some crisps-2

Ex:2 Presentation a) Read. Who is the winner of the healthy lunch box competition?
Grammar Exercises
Write "c" if the noun is countable, "uc" if the noun is uncountable.
Example: tomato - c
1. orange
2. pen
3. rice
4. water
5. cup
6. friend
7. school
8. phone
9. table
10. time
Who is faster?
A. Are these nouns countable or uncountable?
1. water ____________
2. fruit ____________
3. coconut ____________
4. bread ____________
5. DVD ____________
6. meat ____________
7. ball ____________
8. snack____________
9. glasses____________
10. pen ____________
11. milk____________
12. chair____________
13. gasoline____________
14. table____________
15. cream____________
16. money____________
17. oil ____________
18. insect____________
19. sofa____________
20. yogurt____________
1. water (U)
2. fruit (U)
3. coconut (C)
4. bread (U)
5. DVD (C)
6. meat (U)
7. ball (C)
8. snack (C)
9. glasses (C)
10. pen (C)
11. milk (U)
12. chair(C)
13. gasoline (U)
14. table (C)
15. cream (U)
16. money (U)
17. oil (U)
18. insect(C)
19. sofa (C)
20. yogurt(U)
Game. Play the memory game
Ex:7 page 43 Check your English

Pupils play the long sentence memory game as a whole class. If a pupil cannot remember the sequence, they are out. The game finishes when nobody can remember the whole sentence.
e.g.1st pupil: In my lunch box. I’ve got a cheese sandwich
2nd pupil: In my lunch box I’ve got a cheese sandwich and a yoghurt3rd pupil: In my lunch box I’ve got a cheese sandwich and a yoghurt and some cake
Conclusion Answer the questions
- What is about our today’s lesson? - Was interesting our lesson? - What is it countable and uncountable nouns? Tell me countable and uncountable nouns
Home task: Putting marks
Our lesson is over Good bye!

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