Are you fun to be with?

Subject: English Present: 14 Absent: 0
Grade: 9 b
Theme: “Are you fun to be with?”
1. To review all learnt materials by doing exercises
2. To teach pupils to be interest in learning English
3. To develop pupil’s abilities in reading, writing and speaking.
Aids: Student’s book, Workbook, flashcards, interactive board
Method of the lesson: Pair works, question-answer, practical, work in a group
Vocabulary: verb and noun pairs
Grammar: Present Perfect Simple
Literature: English in Mind 2 Herbert Puchta and Jeff Stranks Cambridge University Press 2015
Procedure of the lesson
Organization moment
Warm up
Checking up the home work
Main part of the lesson
Home work
T: Good morning, pupils! How are you today? I am very glad to see you.
Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What date is it today?
What’s the weather like today? Are you fun to be with?
Open your copy-books, I’ll check your home work.
Let’s begin our lesson. The theme is “Are you fun to be with?”. At first I want you divide into 3 groups. Go to the blackboard and choose the cards. The cards are different of colours: Yellow, green, pink. Now please, open your books at 48. Here we have a test. Write and answer them. You have only 3 minutes.

Exs4, p48. Work with a partner. Ask and answer the questions in the present perfect. Use for and since in your answers.
How long have you….
(know) your best friend?
(play) football/volleyball/another sport?
Exs 5a. Verb and noun pairs.
Have fun
Have a good time
Have ….
Make a fool of yourself
Make …
Exs 5B. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verbs in Exercise 5A.
When I speak English I’m afraid I might make a fool of myself because I often make mistakes.
It’s very important to have a good laugh.
Yesterday, Alan made everyone in class laugh, because he told a joke.
Exs 6a. Listen. Look at the title of the song. What does “Don’t worry” mean?
b. Before you listen, make sure you understand the words in the box.
Landlord rent frown cash style
c. Match the rhyming pairs. Then fill in the spaces in the song with words 1-5.
1 smile a double
2 trouble b note
3 down c style
4 wrote d head
5 bed e frown
d. Listen to the song and check your answers to Exs 6 c.
Your home work is Exs 5, 6 p 39
What was the theme of our lesson? What have you learnt today?
Was it interesting for you?What do like the most? Please, give your opinions.
The marks for the lesson are…
Now stand up please, the lesson is over good-bye! Have a nice day!

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