Healthy way of life in Kazakhstan!

Lesson: 1 Forms: 7 «А»
Theme: Healthy way of life in Kazakhstan.
Aims:1. Talking about the healthy life in Kazakhstan
2. Grammar: The present Simple, Present Continuous
Procedure of the lesson.
I.Organization moment Greeting Checking attendance
II. Warming up Speak about the weather
III. New theme: Healthy way of life in Kazakhstan. P35 SB
1. Speaking. What do you know about life in Kazakhstan? Do you think the way you live is traditional or modern? Why?
2. Grammar. Present Simple, Present Continuous.
I work I’m working Do I work?
I don’t work You aren’t working Am I working?
3. Writing.
Exercise 5p5 (WB) Complete the sentences about picture A in Exercise 4. Use the Present continuous or the present simple form of the verbs in the box.
Peter and his two sisters are sitting at the table. He and Helen are playing a game of chess. Peter is older than Helen and he usually beats her at chess. But today he isn’t winning and Helen is feeling pleased. Rebecca isn’t watching their game. She doesn’t like chess. She’s much more interested in her magazine. She wants to join the Photography Club at school and she’s looking for information about the best digital cameras for sale.
3. Read.
Read the text “Life style of Kazakhs” p35
Read and translate the text “Life in the past” p131
“Golden Man”
The Golden Man is one of the symbols of Kazakhstan. There is a statue of the Golden Man on the top of the Independence Monument in Republic Square, Almaty.
Read the text and these sentences. For each sentence write T (true) or F (false). Correct the false sentences.
1. People moved north during the Ice Age.
2. The Bronze Age was before the Ice Age.
3. Archaeologists can learn a lot from the tools and other objects they find.
4. At the time of the Saks, the tribes lived peacefully together.
5. Life for the nomads was comfortable all year round.
6. When the winters were very cold, a lot of animals died.
7. People didn’t help each other in the past.
8. In Kazakhstan today, people look after guests and travelers.
H/W Ex3 p4 WB

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