Промежуточный контроль по английскому языку, 9 класс 2 четверть

TEST 9 FORM STARLIGHTI. Fill in either the gerund or the infinitive with or without to. Don´t forget the prepositions if necessary.
1. Jane wants (spend) a year abroad. 2. In the beginning she didn´t know where (go). 3. Her father suggested (go) to the USA but her mother told her (apply) for England because it is nearer. 4. Jane, however, is not the girl (panic) so easily. 5. She has always dreamt (be) completely independent and far away from home. 6. And so she has kept (talk) about her plans with her parents for months. 7. Now her mother has given up (recommend) England and lets her (go) to the USA. 8. In order (test) her seriousness her mother has made Jane (fill) in all the papers on her own. 9. Jane thinks it´s worth (make) every effort. 10. Jane is clever enough (not,forget) anything. 11. She has remembered a teacher (offer) help to her. 12. And so she has asked him (write) a report on her. 13. The teacher hasn´t forgotten (give) his promise. 14. He says to her, "Don´t forget (hand) in the papers in time." 15. Jane doesn´t mind (leave) her school in Germany for a year. 17. She thinks (live) in America for a year means (gain) a lot of experience. 18. But after that year she will be happy (see) her family and friends again.
18. Little Joe is sad, because nodody seems to take notice of him. He has tried (smile) all the time, (be) silly, (shout) and even (beat) people but still everybody ignores him.
19. I remember (shut) the door when I left.
20. Did you remember (shut) the door when you left?
21. I can´t listen to you any more. Please stop (talk).
22. After driving in his car for about half an hour Matt was lost. So he stopped (ask) someone for help.
23. As so many people die of cancer I strongly advise you to stop (smoke).
24. I remember (hear) a loud bang. Don´t shout at me. I`m only trying (help) you.
II. Correct the verb forms. If the form is OK, put a tick.
1 He helped me solving my problems. - He helped me ____ my problems.
2 The policeman ordered me stop. - The policeman ordered me ___ .You shouldn't risk to lose your reputation. - You shouldn't risk ___ your reputation.
My hair wants cutting. - My hair wants ___ .I advised him stopping. - I advised him ___ .Excuse me, may I to ask you a question? - Excuse me, may I ___ you a question?
Why did you pretend eating my hamburger? - Why did you pretend ___ my hamburger?
Excuse me to be late. - Excuse me ___ late.
Don't worry. I'll remember calling you tonight. - Don't worry. I'll remember___ you tonight.
They invited me coming. - They invited me___ .Did you watch them playing cricket? - Did you watch them ___ cricket?
Listen, Derek failed passing his final exams! - Listen, Derek failed ___his final exams!
Don't dare tell him! - Don't dare ___ him!
Do you think it's worth to buy it? - Do you think it's worth ___ it?
The test turned out being easy. - The test turned out ___ easy.
Doctors advise drinking mineral water. - Doctors advise ___ mineral water.
Did she continue teaching? - Did she continue ___ ?Do you prefer swim? - Do you prefer ___?
I meant saying “three”, but accidentally I said “tree”.
Sally expects to pass the test tomorrow.
Mike postponed to get dressed for the party.
Yesterday Sam meant to talk to you, but he didn’t have time.
When Kaye was a student, she always put off finishing her homework.
My friends and I intend to go out tonight.
We are planning to see a movie tonight.
I’d rather sleeping in a tent than in a dirty hotel.
They never let me spend a night out when I was at school.
We forgot switching off the lights and the landlord was angry with us.
I remember to have long conversations with my grandfather when I was younger.
I suggest boiling the fish for just a short time.
My parents always advised me not taking too much medicine.
They made me to tell them what I had seen.
Travelling to Africa means to learn a few basic things about life in extreme conditions.
III.Fill in will, going to, Present Simple, Present Continuous in the correct form.1. Come on, I ….. you with those bags. (help) 2. We ….. the living room next week. (redecorate)
3. I ….. always you. (love)
4. I ….. a wiener schnitzel. (have) 5. I don't think he ….. tonight. (come) 6. Look at the clouds; it ….. . (rain) 7. I ….. to Istanbul on the 15th. (fly) 8. My sister ….. a baby. (have) 9. ….. you to ….. her? (propose)
10. Do you think Sam ….. for the job? (apply) 11.They ….. married next month. (get)
12. If you ask him, he ….. probably ….. you a lift. (give) 13.The train ….. tonight at 6 PM. (leave) The bus ….. at 11 AM, it ….. at 11 PM. (not arrive, arrive)
IV. Fill in the sentences with correct words.
held involves pace face catch descendant glanced chased includes consisted ancestors stare spotted deal surrounded
1 Her ….. went to America with the Pilgrims.
2 Armed police quickly ….. the building. 3 It's rude to….. .
4 He claims to be a direct ….. of the last king.
5 The price ….. dinner, bed, and breakfast. 6 The course ….. a great deal of hard work.
7 The government must now ….. with the problem of high unemployment.
8 He ….. the book in his hand. 9 Robin ….. around the room.
10 Breakfast ….. of dry bread and a cup of tea. 11 The ….. of life in the village is slow and easy.
12 Hugh was ….. by local police and had to leave quickly.
13They were ….. by photographers as they took their son to school.
14 Many of the workers ….. losing their jobs.
15 'Can't ….. me,' her brother shouted as he ran up the stairs.
V. Put the words into suitable columns.
Roast tasteless barbeque dish snack marinate fry pepper sushi bake grill raw boil steam toast protein scramble tuck into platter burger delicacy soup shrimp fat cholesterol pop sauce tasty
1. Ways of cooking 2. Ways of eating 3. Things we use 4. Things we eat 5. Food components
6. Describing food
VI. Insects. Complete the chart using the words below.
Scorpion fly dragonfly ant maggot grasshopper cricket bee wasp beetle earthworm butterfly moth house spider tarantula cockroach flea witchetty grub centipede caterpillar slug snail ladybird
Winged insects Insects without wings

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