Контрольная работа на тему Магазины 8 класс

Date_________________ Name_______________________________
Choose the right item to complete the sentences.
If I ______ you, I would stay at home. ______ a) am b) was c) were d) will be
If only I ___________ you last year. a) didn’t meet b) hadn’t met c) don’t meet d) wouldn’t meet
I wish we ____ holidays now. a) have b) had c) have had d) had had
If you hadn’t eaten so much last night, you ______fine today. a) would feel b) would have felt c) will feel d) felt
But for your clever advice we ______into trouble then. a) will get b) would get c) got c) would have got
I meet my cousin _______________than my aunt. a)often b) more often c) most often d) oftenest
The train arrived ____than expected. a)earlier b) more early c) most early d) earliest
Finally she _______win the competition and got a medal. a)could b)managed to c)can’t d) will be able to
______you explain the task again? a)Could b)May c) Might d) Shall
I think it _____ snow again today. a)is b)can c)was d) may
I am sure my test was _______done. a) right b) rightly c) wrong d) highly
We haven’t seen her __________.a) lately b) late c) widely d) most
We hoped to pass the exam _____. a) good b)successfully c) successful d) bad
You live even ____from the city centre than me. a) farther b)far c) furthest d) more far
Your money is on the desk. Take ____ a) they b) them c) its c) it
The old man’s funeral ____held at a local church . a) are b) were c) was d) have
____would you prefer – juice, lemonade or coke? a) What b) Whose c) Which d) Whom
Complete the dialogue with the sentences.
a) Yes, it is very pretty. e) It is worth much more than eighty pounds.
b) How much does it cost, please? f) I’m sure it will suit you perfectly. c) I haven’t got that much cash with me. g) What can I do for you?
d) Good! I’ll take it.
MARKET STALLHOLDER: Good morning! (1)__________
CUSTOMER: I’m looking for an overcoat for our windy autumn. Well, can I have a look at that blue overcoat, please?
MS: Sure. It is your size. (2) ____________
C: (looks at the overcoat and then tries it) It is very warm and pretty. (3) ___________
MS: One hundred pounds. It’s real leather. Designed in Italy.C: (4) ________ It looks comfortable.
MS: Yes, pretty and good quality leather, too.
C: Yes, I like it. I will take it. (looks in her purse) Oh, no! (5) __________ .Eighty pounds! That’s all I have.
MS: (6) _______________
C: Oh, I know. But I can only offer you eighty. Come on, you are not selling many things today.
MS: (7) __________________
Complete the sentences using the words in the box. One word is extra.

detached ,tied, outfit, dignity, starched, ridiculous, buttoned, brand-new, reluctant, stiff, worth
The old lady looked _________in her pink tights and green hat.
Why do you look so _________today? Aren’t you interested what is going on?
The table was covered with a _________white tablecloth.
The label was _____onto my suitcase.
Even in prison they tried to keep some human ________.
Is it ________visiting Canberra?
She bought an elegant two-piece ________in the shades of apricot for the wedding.
Steve __________up his jacket and went away.
The girl looked fantastic in her ________dress.
Boots are often ______when they are new.
Read the text and complete it filling the blanks (1-8) with the missing parts of the sentences (a-i). One of the parts is extra.
French Market
Last Sunday we visited Coustellet – a small French village. Trucks and vans of different sizes filled the market space. Each one had a table in front of it and a blackboard (1) __________.
The Coustellet market is small and not yet fashionable. From March till November it is just local people and the farmers (2) __________ what they have taken from the earth a few hours earlier. We really enjoyed (3) ______purchasing around.
We walked slowly along the stalls and tables. A middle – aged French housewife was doing her everyday shopping. Unlike us, she was not content merely to look at the goods before buying. She went sniffing tomatoes, snapping the green beans between her fingers, tasting cheese and olives. If they didn’t come up to her private standards, she looked at the stallholder (4)_________.
At one end of the market we saw a van from the wine cooperative. It was surrounded by men (5) _____.
We bought red peppers to roast and big brown eggs and basil and peaches and goat’s cheese and lettuce. And (6) ________, we went across the road to buy some fresh bread. The bakery was crowded and noisy. It smelt of warm bread and almonds. (7)________, I thought that the French spend as much of their money on their stomachs as the English do on their cars. I could easily believe it.
with the day’s prices for vegetables
still warm from the bakery
watching the locals
who bring in
while we were waiting
rinsing their teeth in the new red wine
as if she had been betrayed
when the basket could hold no more
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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