Презентація на тему Hospital на англійській мові

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Hospital. At a pediatrician. Презентацію підготувала:Вчитель англійської мовиСупрун Ю.В. introduction The aim of every parent is to help a child to be healthy, kind, clever and decent. It is known that the health influences on the child’s character and his future as well. For example, chronic intestinal diseases cause aggression and skin itching, headache results in insomnia, psychomotor disturbances influence on memory, training, communication.A pediatrician must help parents to prevent children' diseases development, form healthy style of their lives. Who are pediatricians? Pediatricians are doctors who care for children from birth to early adulthood. They specialize in diseases and ailments specific to young and growing bodies. It Helps to Be... Diplomatic and sensitive, and an excellent communicator. You’ll need to listen carefully as your patients or their parents describe their symptoms. Recognizing the common threads among childhood diseases and encouraging parents to promote healthy lifestyles is an important part of the job. Did You Know? Some pediatricians specialize in areas such as the heart problems of children. At the pediatrician In general practice, pediatricians offer vaccinations, general health exams, and treatments for an assortment of minor conditions and injuries. When a patient manifests with a more serious problem, a general practice pediatrician will refer him or her to a specialist. Pediatricians can be found working in opthalmology, rheumatology, surgery, anesthesiology, psychology, neurology, and an assortment of other medical specialties. Many teaching hospitals have very fine pediatric programs, and very sick children are frequently sent to such hospitals for the best available care. Сonclusion Pediatrics differs from adult medicine in many respects. The obvious body size differences are paralleled by maturational changes. The smaller body of an infant or neonate is substantially different physiologically from that of an adult. Congenital defects, genetic variance, and developmental issues are of greater concern to pediatricians than they often are to adult physicians. Treating a child is not like treating a miniature adult. A major difference between pediatrics and adult medicine is that children are minors and, in most jurisdictions, cannot make decisions for themselves. The issues of guardianship, privacy, legal responsibility and informed consent must always be considered in every pediatric procedure. In a sense, pediatricians often have to treat the parents and sometimes, the family, rather than just the child. Adolescents are in their own legal class, having rights to their own health care decisions in certain circumstances. Also pediatricians love to talk to little kids.

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